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4 Men Arrested After Robbing Several ATM’s In Bali

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Four men have been arrested after robbing from several ATM machines in Bali.

The perpetrators have been identified as Sandri Fais, Faisol Roni, Saidi Ahmad and Haris Hartono. The perpetrators committed the first robbery Saturday Oct 10th 2020 at around 05.00pm (LT) at the ATM machine in Mengwitani, Badung.

According to the information from Bali Police, the victim, Ahmad Fajar Natakusuma saw the perpetrators on CCTV camera surveillance that had been installed at the location.

“The victim saw them attempting to break the ATM machine from CCTV camera footage and filed a report to the Police Station” said Bali police.

After receiving the report the Criminal Operation Team I began the investigation and it didn’t take long for the officers to find the perpetrators’ location on Jalan Marlboro, West Denpasar.

Officers followed them for several days and they were finally arrested on Thursday Oct 15th 2020 when they attempted to break another ATM in Denpasar.


After being interrogated, the perpetrators admitted that they have committed the crime in several locations in Bali and have collected USD $1,525  (IDR 22,5 million) in total.

“Before coming to Bali they prepared all the tools that they might need such as fake call center stickers, screwdrivers, plastic bottles, glue and scissors” the officer concluded.

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Police said they used the procedure to steal from multiple ATM’s. 

The perpetrators have been detained at the Bali Police Department’s jail along with the evidence. 

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