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13 Million Tourism Workers Are Unemployed In Indonesia

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13 million tourism workers are unemployed in Indonesia due to the pandemic according to Chief of Presidential Staff, Moeldoko.

The number is officially the largest in history surpassing and crisis Indonesia has faced in the past. 

Hotels, villas, cafes, restaurant are suffering across the country and have shut down since they don’t have enough clients to operate the business. They can’t afford to pay their staff and as a result 13 million tourism workers are now unemployed.

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In addition there are also 32.5 million people who work indirectly with tourism from money changers, artists and musicians who could face a work shortage.

“If this situation doesn’t change another 15 million people could be unemployed before the end of the year,” Moeldoko said.

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Bali Governor, Wayan Koster said that normally, Badung earns IDR 200 billion to 400 billion in monthly revenues. The total revenues in June of this year only reached 6 billion.

Koster has asked the central government to come and stay in Bali when they have events or meetings in order to help support the tourism market on the island. 

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Indonesian President, Joko Widodo has said that the Indonesian government is providing  social welfare to 3.8 million of the affected tourism workers.

At the same time the government is also providing training for additional skills in hopes that some of the unemployed tourism workers can find another line of work.

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Bali’s economy has been one of the hardest hit in Indonesia as the island has become almost completely dependent upon tourism to survive. 

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