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Grab Wheels is Bali’s New Eco Friendly Transportation

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Grab is hoping to reduce the impact that motor vehicles have on the environment in Bali by offering ‘Grab Wheels’.

Bali City Manager Grab Indonesia, Kresno Wibowo along with General Director of Land Transportation, Budi Setiadi were trying Grab Wheels during launching event of Trans Metro Dewata Bus on Monday, Sept 7 2020.

Grab Wheels

Kresno hopes that Grab Wheels could be one of the eco-friendly solutions to reduce greenhouse gasses from the vehicle emission. With over-populated roadways filled with cars and motorbike in Bali, the air quality has suffered on the island of the Gods. 

grab wheels

“Grab Wheels are electric stand up scooter that are safe and very easy to use. Perfect for short distance rides, they only reach a certain speed, so user do not put themselves in danger,” said Wibowo.

Governor Koster gave his support to introduce Grab Wheels in Bali. He has been preparing the regulation in terms of electric vehicle use in his province.

The Governor plans on creating electric vehicle corridors in the tourist areas of Bali where only electric vehicles will be permitted. The Governor stated this would create a healthier and more peaceful environment for tourism. 

grab wheels

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