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Why Tourists Are Flocking To These Adrenaline-Fueled Adventures In Bali 

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It seems that communities across the Island of the Gods are doubling down on their efforts to create unique, memorable, and sustainable tourism experiences.

Whether snorkeling in protected ocean waters or hiking from coast to coast, there are dozens of small tourism businesses on the island who are working to offer tourists something a little bit different from the run-of-the-mill beach vacay.

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In the north of Bali, in Buleleng Regency, one community in particular is working to promote a series of new and adventurous tourism activities that sports and nature lovers will enjoy.

Across Buleleng Regency, community leaders and tourism businesses are coming together to create downhill mountain biking trials.

The adventurous sport is insanely good fun, whether a complete novice or a fully-fledged pro.

Community leaders in Penuktukan Village are excited to be welcoming more downhill mountain biking lovers to the area.

The forested trail has been cleared and rolls for an impressive 10 kilometers. Bikers will be graced with views not only of the dense forests but also breathtaking ocean views along the descent.

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The Head of Penuktukan Village, Komang Gangga Prebawa, told reporters that the trail was opened in late 2019, but the pandemic got in the way of promoting the trail and other tourism offerings in the area.

Now Bali is firmly back on its feet and tourism numbers continue to rise, Prebawa and his teams feel that now is the right time to actively start promoting the experience.

Prebawa shared “Usually cyclists who have already tried it will come back here to try the route. For one time trying the route, a tariff of IDR 50,000 is charged.”

He said around 100 bikers are hitting the trial every month, and for those traveling without their gear, there are many adventure travel companies on the island that can help out with rental mountain bikes and protective equipment.

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For those wanting to max out their time in Penukutkan Village, there are a number of local accommodation options.

For a fully immersive mountain forest experience, camping is available within a stunning 8-acre protected space.

Tourists are welcome to pitch their own tent or rent a pre-pitched spot. Prebawa said “We have prepared tents with a capacity of up to 3 people per tent and a bathroom. The price is IDR 100,000 per tent per night.”

It really does make sense to stay the night in Penukutkan Village. There are heaps to explore and the village is an ideal spot to use as a base to explore all the north Bali has to offer.

Penuktukan Village is home to a great selection of local warungs serving up classic dishes from the north Bali area, around the island, and the Indonesian archipelago.

As a traditional Balinese village, the community is home to many artisans who have wonderful crafts to buy and take home.


It is not only the land that communities and tourism businesses in Penuktukan Village have committed to protecting for tourism purposes.

Earlier this month the whole community came together to clean up the beach and the coral reef that rolls out from the heart of the village.

Thanks to the collective efforts, Penuktukan Village is officially an emerging travel destination in the north of Bali.


The community sits almost equidistant between Lovina Beach and the ever-popular diving resort of Amed in the east of Bali.

Snorkeling, diving, and free diving are all other must-do experiences in Penuktukan Village, giving tourists the perfect green-blue adventure when coupled with a day on the trials.


Speaking to reporters earlier this month Prebawa shared that the community has committed to playing an active role in preserving the quality of the beach and coral reefs so that both nature and tourism businesses can thrive.

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Thursday 31st of August 2023

Quote "Across Buleleng Regency, community leaders and tourism businesses are coming together to create downhill mountain biking trials. The adventurous sport is insanely good fun, whether a complete novice or a fully-fledged pro."

A lot of fun until it isn't. Downhill mountain biking is susceptible to injuries. Now in a location far away from any decent medical treatment. Usually a special medical insurance is required as I doubt many travel insurances cover medical treatment from downhill mountain biking accidents. Just my 2 cents.


Monday 4th of September 2023


That is for sure. You don't want to get seriously injured here.

Wayan Bo

Thursday 31st of August 2023

Swimming with hungry sharks should be the next attraction for adrenaline push addicted tourists.