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Bali Commits To Improving Care Of Marine Ecosystems Popular For Snorkeling

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It is widely acknowledged that Bali has a problem with waste management.

While the Island is synonymous with pristine white sandy beaches, verdant tropical jungle, and crystal clear caldera lakes, the reality is that the island is struggling to protect these ecosystems from the influence of plastic pollution.

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Leaders and communities across Bali, as well as businesses and tourists, are acutely aware of the issue of waste management on the Island.

As such, many communities are taking matters into their own hands in order to protect their landscapes for future generations and continue to be a destination of interest for tourists

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This is exactly what happened in Penuktukan Village in North Bali. Located almost equidistant by drive between Lovina Beach and the popular diving resort of Amed in East Bali, Penuktukan Village is an emerging travel destination in the north of the Island.

Penuktukan Village sits right on the north coast and is home to a stunning beach that rolls out to one of the finest coral reefs in Bali.

Conservation efforts to protect Bali’s coral reefs have been underway for years; communities, NGOs, and the local government have all played a part in protecting the fragile marine ecosystems that surround the Island of the Gods.

This week the community of Penuktukan Village came together to clean up the beach and waters around Penuktukan Beach. The community wants to preserve and promote a healthy ecosystem and hopes to bring more tourists to the stunning location.

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In a joint effort between the Penuktukan Village Government, local fishermen groups, Community Monitoring Groups (Pokmaswas), Tourism Awareness Groups (Pokdarwis), and local villa and bungalow owners, teams collected trash and checked the conditions of the coral reef. 

The Head of Penuktukan Village, Komang Gangga Perbawa, told reporters “On the one hand there are good coral reef objects here and not in other areas. So it must be maintained, especially here tourists often do snorkeling activities, of course, cleanliness must be maintained.”

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And this is not just a one-off effort. Perbawa explained that community stakeholders are more excited than ever to keep Penuktukan Village clean and thriving in order to bring more tourists to the area.

He added, “So this will later [our efforts will] have an impact on the economy and tourism. They will also be able to help preserve the marine ecosystem here. For example, when tourists are snorkeling, we invite them to clean up.” 

Plastic Waste Under The Ocean Water

Penuktukan Village is great for snorkeling, diving, and free diving. As many of Bali’s popular marine tourism destinations become busier and impacted by plastic pollution, tourists are seeking new spots to explore.

In late June, officials in Nusa Penida introduced a new tourism restitution fee for tourists who want to swim, snorkel and dive in the Nusa Penida Marine Protection Area.

The new IDR 100,000 per person per day fee is set to be used to help conserve the marine ecosystem around Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan, but the fee caused controversy as local business owners claimed they were not informed or consulted about the price before the tax was introduced.

Viral videos showed tourists, unaware of the new fee, canceling their trips on the grounds the snorkeling tour had become too expensive. 


In contrast to the busy and bustling snorkeling spots around Nusa Penida, Penuktukan Village is a quiet and relaxed coastal retreat in North Bali.

One of the most popular resorts in the area is the Teluk Karang Dive & Spa Resort.

Offering guests the chance to stay in classic Bali-style cottages with access to an impressive swimming pool that overlooks the ocean, Penuktukan Village is a destination to watch.

As Bali seeks to promote North Bali as a destination for everyone, not only the off-the-beaten-track kind of travelers, Penuktukan Village has an exciting future ahead.


Must-visit attractions and landmarks in North Bali are just a short drive from the heart of Penuktukan Village, making it an ideal base to explore the region.

Lovina Beach, Amed Beach, and Kintamani can all be reached in just over an hour, and stunning landscapes like Yeh Mampeh Waterfall are just on the doorstep!

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Friday 18th of August 2023

I have given up on beach activities in all of southern Bali. No swimming. No snorkeling. The trash you can see is disgusting, but even worse is e-coli from all the sewage.

Not too bad around Tulamben, but that is a long drive and the beach is full of stones. May have to go even further away.

The southern gillis on Lombok used to be ok for snorkeling 10 years ago but also there the trash has arrived and it is hell with the boat trip across the Lombok strait.

Will limit myself to the pool then.