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Visits To Bali’s Pandawa Beach Have Become ‘Overwhelming’

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As the Eid vacation period draws to a close, tourism managers are taking a look back over a hectic few weeks on the island.

Many of Bali’s top beaches received a huge influx of tourists, and managers are happy to see the island returning closer to the norm of the pre-pandemic. 

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One beach, in particular, saw an impressive influx of domestic tourists during the Eid vacation period. Pandawa Beach in Kutuh Village, which sits on the southern edge of the Bukit Peninsula, saw an ‘overwhelming’ number of visitors between 10th and the 14th April, the main Eid vacation period. 

Speaking to reporters, the Pandawa Beach Tourist Attraction Management Manager, I Wayan Letra, said the number of visitors showed a significant increase compared to normal days, which on average only recorded 2,500 to 3,000 visits. 

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He noted, “This indicates an increase of around 20 percent from the average visit. Most of the visitors were families who come from various regions in Indonesia, especially from Java.”

Letra added that while during the Eid vacation, the majority of tourists to Pandawa Beach were domestic visitors, the coastal hotspot is receiving increasing interest from international tourists.

He explained that many foreign tourists are visiting, mostly of from Russia, India, Australia and China. He added “This situation is supported by sunny, cloudy weather which makes visitors feel comfortable to linger to enjoy the beauty of the beach.”

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The most famous feature of Pandawa Beach is not the beach itself but rather the road that has been constructed between two sheer cliff faces.

Petra reminded the public that “There are only two entrances, namely the Pandawa main gate and the barracks ground. If you go to Timbis Beach, it is in the area, and visitors only need to pay upfront. The distribution of visits within the area is almost even.”

He concluded, “Our hope as tourist destination managers is that the increasingly stable economy can increase people’s interest in traveling to Bali, especially to Pandawa Beach.”

For foreign tourists visiting Pandawa Beach, adults must pay IDR 15,000 and children IDR 10,000; rates are slightly cheaper for domestic tourists. 

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Pandawa Beach is a great all-day kind of beach. Some of Bali’s beaches are great in the morning and feel a bit dull in the afternoons, and vice versa. Pandawa Beach is a good idea, no matter the time of day. 

As the Eid holidaymakers return home, the number of daily visitors to Pandawa Beach will quickly return to the norm of around 2,500 – 3,000.

Even in the high season in June, July, and August, as visitor numbers peak again since Pandawa Beach is so vast, there is always plenty of space for everyone. 


For decades, Pandawa Beach has been overlooked by tourists in Bali. The coastal hotspot started receiving more interest after videos of the famous cliff-sided road went viral on social media.

There has also been an ever-increasing amount of interest in the Bukit Peninsula, with the tourism resort of Uluwatu booming right now. 

To help encourage more tourists to Pandawa Beach, managers have agreed to implement a new zoning policy that would help ensure every kind of visitor could have the experience they were after at Pandawa Beach.


The new zoning policy will see a public beach area, a water sports area, a beach club, a food and dining area, and a private stretch of the beach at the easterly edge for photoshoots and private events such as weddings or proposals.


Pandawa Beach is not only a day-trip kind of beach but also a coastal retreat that tourists can stay in for the whole of their vacation if they wish.

With easy access to both Uluwatu and Nusa Dua, Pandawa Beach is a smart choice for a vacation on the Bukit.

Hotels like Pandawa Hill Resort offer affordable rooms, great hospitality, and easy beach access. Puri Pandawa Resort is another excellent choice. 

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Monday 22nd of April 2024

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