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Viral Video Shows Australian Tourist Attacked Outside Bali Night Club

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Shocking footage of an Australian tourist being beaten up in Bali has gone viral over the weekend.

The dramatic footage shows Matthew Stevenson, from Perth, being set upon by attackers outside the famous Engine Room in Legian. 

DJ inside nightclub party.jpg

Footage of the attack quickly circulated online in Bali and Australia. The video shows Stevenson being dragged up from the pavement in a headlock, choked, and punched several times before being thrown to the ground again and smacking his head on the concrete.

Stevenson has suffered multiple lacerations to his face, including a deep wound on the back of his head, and a suspected fracture around his eye socket and cheekbone. 

Stevenson has spoken to reporters since he has been discharged from hospital to share his ordeal. The Perth-based scaffolder received ten stitches and has been sent away with pain medication and antibiotics. 

Stevenson has confirmed that he was on a night out in Legian’s Engine Room late on Thursday 23rd November.

He has revealed that he was dancing with a woman, whose brother turned on him and pushed him ‘out of nowhere’.

Around 30 minutes after Stevenson and his party decided to call it a night. As he and his friends left the Engine Room he says the same man and his group of friends set upon him. 

Steven fears that although he has been discharged from the hospital, he could have sustained injuries that have gone undiagnosed.

He is suffering from severe headaches, bleeding wounds, an inability to sleep, swelling around his left eye and cheek, and blood blisters in his eyes.

Stevenson not only sustained injuries in the altercation, but he is also reporting that he was robbed in the process.

He told reporters that the attackers stole his phone, passport, his hat, and IDR 500,000 in cash.

The loss of his essentials is now potentially going to make it difficult for him to travel home in time for his brother’s wedding this week. 


Engine Room, Legian-Bali, 11 Maret 2023

♬ original sound – Melali Bali

It has been reported that one man has been arrested in connection with the attack, and Stevenson hopes other people involved in the attack can be brought to justice.

He noted that these kinds of street fights can end in tragedy.

It is an all too common scenario whereby people get into a brawl in the street, and someone ends up with catastrophic injuries, or even dying, after hitting their head on the sidewalk or curb.

Stevenson told reporters “People die from that sort of attack you know, that’s cowardly.” 


The Head of Public Relations for the Denpasar Police, AKP Ketut Sukadi, has issued public statements regarding the attack.

AKP Sukadi told reporters “Apart from suffering injuries, the victim also admitted that he lost valuables at the crime scene such as money, passport, cellphone and ATM card.”

He continued, “Currently we are still carrying out an intensive examination of the perpetrators and witnesses at the time of the incident. Officers have also checked CCTV camera footage around the incident location.”


AKP Sukadi concluded, “Until now, intensive investigations are still being carried out on the perpetrators.” He is hopeful that all those responsible for the attack will be tracked down.

The attack took place outside the Engine Room in the heart of Legian. The super popular tourist resort is well known for its nightlife scene and is home to some of the busiest nightclubs on the island.

Over the last few months, there has been a steady increase in the number of reports of robberies and attacks on tourists in the area. 


Following the rise in the number of crime reports in the tourist hotspot local security teams and the police have committed to patrolling the area 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The Kancil Patrol Team, as they are known locally, have increased security patrols along the busiest street in the resort town, including Jalan Raya Legian, where the Engine Room nightclub is located.

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Wednesday 29th of November 2023

What’s new , since 1820 there has been Drugs ( opium ) Pirate Gangs , Prostitution and Slavery .

Wayan Bo

Wednesday 29th of November 2023

Just another new proof of friendly tourists place. - In 1980‘s something like this wasn’t even imaginable.

J West

Tuesday 28th of November 2023

" Discharged from the hospital with antibiotics"? Did he go to a veterinary hospital? The victim had obvious multiple head , skull and facial injuries that were not examined? No CT scan? He could die in his sleep from bleeding if not caught in the hospital. This level of medical care should serve as a wake up call to all foreigners that Bali is a dangerous place to seek treatment should they be seriously injured.Bali relies on injured victims to 'go home' to seek medical care. As soon as they fly home the story dies.


Wednesday 29th of November 2023

@J West, The level of medical care is worse than this article suggest:

What Bali Sun forget to mention is that first time Stevensen arrived at the hospital he was turned away as he had no funds (his wallet was stolen). Only after his hotel management took action and paid up he received treatment. People dies in the waiting rooms here due to lack of funds.

So lack of CT is not because the hospital thought it was not required: More like no pay no play at Bali hospitals. They do not care.


Tuesday 28th of November 2023

Even "family friendly" Sanur is not spared violence. Last Saturday the civil police (Satpol) raided an area in Sanur Kauh only 300 meter from famous Mertasari beach area. Satpol detained more than 30 "ladys of the night". Later early Sunday morning a group attacked the Satpol station, brandishing a gun and injured 5 officers. And who was behind this attack: Pecalang and TNI (Indonesian army) personnel. Those who are supposed to take care of security seems to be the worst gangsters here.

Google search "satpol danau tempe pecalang tni"


Tuesday 28th of November 2023

Yep, figures, dogs attack in packs. Hope they find these cowardly dogs and send them to prison where they belong. I'm sure this wouldn't have happened if the Aussies had stayed together, dogs only attack singles, not multiples.