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Ultraman Returns To Help Community Clean Up Bali Beach For All To Enjoy

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It is no secret that Bali has an issue with plastic waste. There are heaps of incredible organizations, along with local authorities, who are working around the clock to get the situation under control.

Over the Christmas holidays, Ultraman made a surprise appearance at a beach clean-up in Kuta. Now the superhero has returned to lend a hand once again.

Ultraman Beach Clean Up Kuta Bali.jpg

A community beach clean-up was held on Kuta Beach on Sunday, 16th April, following heavy rains, storms, and an incoming tide of plastic waste. Ultraman, whose human alter-ego is ex-pat Suzuki Hiromasa from Japan.

Known to friends as Masa, he has been living in Bali since 2015 and is keen to shine a light on the importance of community togetherness in tackling the issue of plastic waste.

Masa told reporters on Sunday, “I saw the news in the media eight years ago that there was trash sent in Bali. So I started cleaning here and now I live in a boarding house in the Lili Sari area.”

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He shared that he gets up early every morning and heads down to Kuta Beach to help clean up the waste brought in on the morning tide. Masa added, “I like cleaning, and I love Kuta. I don’t feel tired of cleaning here.”

The Chairperson of the Kuta Traditional Village, AA Gede Ngurah Manik Dirgayusa, also spoke with reporters. He explained that the event is not forced upon the local community but rather an open invitation for all to play a part in helping the clean-up efforts.

He said that he and his teams hope that the community beach clean-ups will become a regular event.

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Dirgayusa said, “[we are planning] our next initiative, [at] first were are not too excited to make an event, but small things like this first. Then we will intensify on social media how to clean Kuta Beach from trash so that there are no more videos spread about the trash that is scattered on Kuta Beach.”

He continued, “I invite the [community] of the Kuta Traditional Village to take part in cleaning up the area around Kuta Beach. This activity will also become our routine event if there is trash sent here again.”


Langit cerah, semua indah! Hello from Kuta Beach-Bali 😉

♬ original sound – Melali Bali

Waste collected from the Kuta Beach clean-ups is set to be disposed of appropriately, as in alignment with local regulations.

Dirgayusa added, “we collect this garbage, and the Badung DLHK team will pick up this garbage with a bulldozer. Because the water is currently high tide, later this garbage will be transported and disposed of.”


While many would say that it shouldn’t fall on tourists to play a part in cleaning up waste while on vacation, for those who do want to play a part in keeping Bali clean, there are plenty of ways to get involved.

Novel approaches and a team effort from locals, government, non-profit organizations, and visitors to Bali make a huge difference.

This Earth Day, local environmental charity Sungai Watch (River Watch) are inviting locals and visitors in Bali to help them plant sunflowers to help regenerate a plot of land that was previously used as an illegal waste dump.

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Five months ago, the Sungai Watch team cleaned up a plot of land close to the sacred Tanah Lot Temple. Over the course of two weeks, the team gathered up every scrap of waste that had been left at the site and transported it to their recycling facility for processing.

In total, 27 tonnes of plastic waste were recovered from the site, and now, five months on, nature has taken over the site, and the whole area is green again.

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But, the soil quality remains low. And so, to celebrate Earth Day on 22nd April, Sungai Watch is inviting those in Bali to come to help them plant 1000 sunflowers to help regenerate the landscape and remove toxins from the soil.

Further details can be found on @SungaiWatch social media channels; the meeting point is 500m from Panati Nyanyi, and the event will be held from 12 pm – 4 pm.

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Thursday 20th of April 2023

I live in south Denpasar. What I typically see is that locals throw their trash bags in nearby drain culverts despite penalty is up to 6 month jail for this offence.

When the drain culvert is dry the trash bags pile up awaiting next rainfall taking into down to the sea and eventually wash up on the beaches. Nice.

Nowadays I cannot blame them as Denpasar gov. is not collecting trash on a regular basis due to "problems" with Suwung landfill.

Neil gill

Thursday 20th of April 2023

Where are the local ultramen

J West

Wednesday 19th of April 2023

55555….to all ‘head in the clouds’ deniers, those late to the Bali party by decades, those who don’t look at the garbage for fear of popping the delusion of paradise… take heart.

Its only two more months of garbage beaches when the upcountry village ravines are no longer flushed downstream, as monsoon rains will eventually cease sometime towards late May.

Do the math, if your sober. The “Beach Garbage Season” runs from Mid November until end of May, if you’re lucky. That means you’re squatting in garbage for seven months of the year. Nice pic for a holiday. No wonder the focus is on getting smashed in a night venue day in day out, so reality doesn’t creep in spoil the ‘nature’. OMG !!


Saturday 22nd of April 2023

@J West, Do you live in Bali or Thailand?

Wayan Bo

Wednesday 19th of April 2023

Tourists job.