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Ukrainian Tourists Allegedly Tricked By Authorities To Extend Quarantine Time

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Two international tourists were allegedly tricked by authorities to extend their quarantine in Jakarta before going on vacation in Bali.

mother and child

The Tourism Minister, Sandiaga Salahudin Uno, confirmed that a family of two from Ukraine had filed a complaint. They sent an email to the tourism minister after allegedly being tricked by the officials at the quarantine facility in Jakarta.

“I received a report from a Ukrainian national last week regarding the problem that she and her daughter had on their last day of quarantine in Jakarta,” Sandiaga said on Saturday (29/1). According to the email published by Sandiaga, the Ukrainian woman became suspicious when they tested positive with Covid-19 on their last day of quarantine despite having no symptoms.

The situation escalated when the officials at the quarantine facility didn’t allow the woman to take another swab test outside the facility. Instead, it was suggested that they just extend their quarantine at the hotel at a high price.

Upset, the woman filed a complaint to the tourism minister. “After receiving a direct message from the woman, I immediately deployed a team. Our effort to revive the tourism sector involves providing quick response, to prevent further damage to our image,” Sandiaga added.

bali tourist

The Ukrainian woman and her daughter finally continued their trip to Bali after testing negative from Covid-19, with the assistance of the tourism officials. Sandiaga ensured that everyone involved in this incident would be charged following the current regulations.

“I won’t hesitate to punish anyone who attempted to take advantage of this situation and harmed the Indonesian’s reputation,” Sandiaga concluded.

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Wayan Bo

Wednesday 2nd of February 2022

She should get reparation paid.

Wayan Bo

Tuesday 1st of February 2022

Covid’s POW’s was finally released.


Tuesday 1st of February 2022

Thanks to twitter this isolated incident was taken care swiftly by the Tourism Minister. Those responsible for the scam should be ashamed of themselves.

Those who have done the quarantine know very well how the process is done. A PCR test upon arrival. Result given at the hotel. If a traveler has tested positive then an immediate evacuation from the hotel to the hospital.

Each approved quarantine hotel has an appointed lab. Nobody can leave at the end of the quarantine period without a negative PCR test result. Usually for the most part the result should be favorable at the end of a quarantine. Unless you have an underlying medical condition not disclosed that could mess up things.

A written clean bill of health by the Dept of public health and Covid task force that will enable the person to be discharged from the hotel after a satisfactory covid test result.

J West

Tuesday 1st of February 2022

No surprise here. This scam is running rampant through SE Asia quarantine for profit hotel/prison facilities. There hundreds of complaints filtering through local media like Thailands ‘The Thaiger’who report receiving complaints of ‘false positive tests at check out. These Ukrainians did the right thing. They should have also called in all international media immediately and Amnesty International after being unlawfully detained as they were. This is a scam by officials that must be exposed.


Thursday 3rd of February 2022

@Randy, isolated, I doubt that how many other victims who never complains, I guarantee nothing will happen to the scammers at the hotel, well at least the story is out in social media now


Wednesday 2nd of February 2022

@J West,It has been exposed early of last year. This is an isolated incident that needs to be resolved.


Tuesday 1st of February 2022

Who is surprised by this kind of things happening in Indonesia? I definitely am not caught by surprise about it. There has been long of murmuring about this kind of thing happening in Indonesia by locals... it is not a new thing. For as long as there's a mandatory Quarantine at our own expense and a loop hole that Indonesian authorities can earn a dollar from each Tourists... there'll be little to none would want to go into Indonesia for leisure purposes.