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Ukrainian Man Kidnapped In Bali By Expats Who Impersonated Interpol

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An 18-year-old Ukrainian named Oleg Zheinov was assaulted and kidnaped by four expats who impersonated Interpol agents.

tied up man

A 16-second video that went viral on social media showed four expats who were impersonating Interpol agents. They brutally assaulted and kidnapped Oleg from a villa in North Kuta on Wednesday afternoon (2/2), then released him on the streets in Tabanan after several hours of captivity. They took his cellphone and personal documents, among other valuable items.

According to witnesses, the incident occurred when Oleg went to the villa of another Ukrainian named Volodymyr Kaminsky (aged 30) in Tibubeneng, North Kuta on Wednesday with a local man named Cenly Elounora Musa Lalenoh (aged 25).

Oleg accused Volodymyr of losing the motorbike they rented from Cenly. However, Volodymyr did not want to take responsibility. He even accused Cenly, the owner of the motorbike, of stealing the motorbike to extort him.

Volodymyr called his friends for assistance, and four men impersonating Interpol agents came with a car that had no license plate. They assaulted Oleg in public before dragging him into the car and kidnapping him.

parked motorbikes

“Oleg was held for two hours around the Kediri area in Tabanan. The kidnappers forced him to give them his cellphone and the password to his bank account before finally letting him go,” said a source. Oleg filed a report to the North Kuta police department.

The Head of North Kuta Criminal Investigation Bureau, Iptu I Made Purwantara, confirmed that he had received a report from the victim. An investigation is still underway.

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Martin Breen

Friday 4th of February 2022

That is an old trick in Bali and also happens in Thailand. Rent a motorbike and the owner takes back the motorbike secretly then shows up to claim payment for the lost motorbike with some thugs or corrupt police. The Balinese authorities and police need to remember, everyone reads about these things on the net, and it does nothing for tourism. I notice that some Balinese were involved in this as well, so I hope they are also arrested in this scandalized behaviour. It is important that The Bali Sun reports on the outcome of this article, so that we can all see whether or not there were consequences for ALL those involved.


Sunday 6th of February 2022

@Martin Breen, it involves foreigners which is worst for the tourism industry. Remember a foreigner can also scam another foreigner involving locals in the process.

J West

Saturday 5th of February 2022

@Martin Breen, You’re right about that scam and many others like it being a common occurrence in Thailand friend. It’s dog eat dog in the “land of smiles”.


Friday 4th of February 2022

This is the kind of criminal activities that Indonesia has become reluctant to open up fully to international visitors who think that they can do as they please in a foreign country. Any kind of foreign criminal activities can certainly bleed into the rest of Indonesia if not already so. This reflects a bad publicity with the phase two of reopening Bali to bonafide foreigners.

What were these criminals thinking? How did they even managed to fool the authorities to be in Bali in the first place. Was there monetary exchange or lied on their purpose to be in Bali? Apparently anything goes in Bali, never a dull moment that comes up in the news lately.

J West

Friday 4th of February 2022

Interpol agents came to Bali…. to find a lost scooter? Only Ukrainians could dream that up. Hint to Bali police….. round up the Ukrainians that resemble the figures in the CCTV and ATM video. Advisory to all others…..avoid Ukrainians.


Thursday 3rd of February 2022

Interpol agents in shorts and fat guts. Hahahahah!


Thursday 3rd of February 2022

Sounds just a tad fishy to me!