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An 18-year-old Ukrainian named Oleg Zheinov was assaulted and kidnaped by four expats who impersonated Interpol agents. A 16-second video that went viral on social media showed four expats who were impersonating Interpol agents. They brutally assaulted and kidnapped Oleg from a villa in North Kuta on Wednesday afternoon (2/2), then released him on the …

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After 13 days on the loose, Interpol fugitive from Russia Andrew Ayer, alias Andrei Kovalenka, and his accomplice, Ekaterina Trubkina, were arrested by a joint team from Bali Police and Immigration at a villa in North Kuta, Badung, Wednesday morning (24/2).

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Authorities from Bali Police and Ngurah Rai Immigration Office Class I searched Canggu, North Kuta to locate the Russian fugitive and his accomplice that fled from confinement at the Immigration Office last week.

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