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Ubud’s Goutama Street Is A Cute Cafe Paradise For Bali Tourists 

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Aside from being Bali’s arts and culture capital, Ubud is also home to one of the most thriving coffee scenes on the island.

Coffee and cafe culture in Bali and across Indonesia is a big deal, and Ubud’s Jalan Goutama is the perfect place to spend a day (or two) exploring each cozy nook the street has to offer. 

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Jalan Goutama (Goutama Street) in central Ubud is one of the most quaint and charming areas of the town. The narrow street is lined with coffee shops, cafes and boutique stores all showcasing unique clothing, homeware and souvenirs, much of which is produced locally. 

Located just 200m from Ubud Palace and Ubud Art Market, Jalan Goutama is a must-visit during a day trip to Ubud. With so much to see and do around Ubud, it is easy to forget to leave a day (or two) just to wander or roam.

During a visit to Ubud, be sure to plan a few days to complete the iconic landmarks and attractions like Ubud Palace, Ubud Art Market, the Scared Monkey Forest, and the Tegalallang Rice Terraces.

But also, leave a day completely free to explore Ubud on foot. On this day of your trip, Jalan Goutama is the perfect place to start. 

The 500m street, which feels more like an alleyway, is technically pedestrianized. While no cars can drive down the street, motorcycles are permitted though much of the parking is illegal officials are always working to ensure that tourists can access the street safely and easily. 

Jalan Goutama is home to some seriously Instagrammable and incredibly welcoming cafes. One new arrival on the scene is This Is Bali Cafe.

This eccentric little hideaway is bright white and furnished in neutral yet homely tones. Founder of This Is Bali Cafe, Oliver, told reporters, “I have lived in Bali for a long time and admire the beauty of Bali, especially in terms of its culinary delights. Finally, the name Bali was chosen to combine quality, culture, and culinary delights in one place. Namely, This Is Bali.”


He added, “In Ubud, there are already many cafes, but I have a dream of building a cafe like Home Sweet Home. Of course, collaborating with Balinese and Western concepts, starting from the design and food menu.”

The menu features an incredible selection of Balinese and Indonesian dishes, largely inspired by Balinese street food.

The founders say, “We wanted to create a place where South-East Asian flavors are celebrated using clean, healthy & pure ingredients. We’ve spent a lot of time developing the THIS IS BALI menu.”

“Everything is cooked freshly every day using hand-selected, high-quality ingredients, free of MSG, preservatives or additives. THIS IS BALI truly is a love letter to Bali’s rich tastes and flavors.”


The menu is so interchangeable that diners can design their own meal from the options available. First, diners choose their rice base, either white rice, red rice, or cilantro-lime cauliflower ‘rice.’ The next step is to choose the toppings.

There are heaps of options for vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters. The Juicy Tempeh always looks incredible and is a classic Indonesian source of protein, a must-try when in Indonesia.

For something a little different, try the crunchy tempeh topping, which is crunchy soybeans glazed with sweet-savory herbal soy sauce. It is tasty as well!


For vegetarians be sure to try the Balinese omelette, this freshly made omelette is filled with Balinese herbs and goes so well with rice!

Meat eaters have to try the both the honey chicken and the spice beef which is a sweet and spice and slow cooked for 24 hours. 

Other must-visit cafes on Jalan Goutama include The Spell Creperie for some magical sweet and savory pancakes and the iconic Seeds of Life Cafe for those looking for an ultra-healthy meal. 

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