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Two Foreign Owned Fishing Boats Destroyed By Fire In Bali

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Two foreign owned fishing vessels that were anchored in Benoa Harbor caught fire on Monday (11/5) night around 7:15 pm. 

The fire was reported to have started approximately 1.5 km from the western pier of Benoa Harbor.

2 ships burnt in benoa harbor
The Bali Police Labfor Team conducts a crime scene to find out the cause of the burning of two fishing vessels at the western pier of Benoa Harbor

“The two boats that were on fire were used by foreign owners. The vessels had not sailed for a long time,”  Head of Public Relations of Denpasar Police, Iptu Ketut Sukadi told The Bali Sun

The ships have been anchored at Benoa harbor for an extended period but it’s not known exactly how long. The foreign owners names have not been properly kept in records. 

Residents in the Port of Benoa first noticed a large cloud of smoke and fire and immediately contacted authorities. 

Multiple firefighting boats and vehicles rushed to the scene to extinguish the fire. 

Benoa Harbor

The fire was extinguished by 8:50 pm.

Tuesday (12/5) afternoon, the Bali Police Labfor team and Denpasar Police Inafis attended the location to investigate the cause of the fire. 

boat fires

“The cause of the fire is still being investigated,” said Iptu Sukadi. 


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