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Travelers Warned Not To Buy Vape Products In Bali

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Travelers have been warned against the dangers of buying vape products in Bali. An Australian digital creator, Annie Knight, has taken to social media to warn fellow travelers not to make the same mistake she did. Knight has shared her horror story with her fans, acknowledging that she missed some red flags and that she decided to buy a vaping device due to ‘FOMO’. 

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Knight, who is from the Gold Coast and is best known as an OnlyFans creator, has been on holiday in Bali for the last week or so, following a trip to Vietnam. In a video posted to her TikTok account, Knight describes the ‘worst night of my life’ after buying a vape device from a man on the beach. 

@annieknight78 Nope never again #fyp #bali #vapingisbad #travel #story #storytime #seminyak #finns ♬ original sound – Annie Knight

She explains, ‘If you go to Bali, do not buy a vape off a dodgy guy on the beach because I did, and it was the worst night of my life’. She bought a vape from a beach vendor who approached her and her friend while they were relaxing on a beachfront cabana at Finns Beach Club. Despite thinking that the man in question was on drugs and initially declining his offers, she forked out AUD 17 to buy a vape pen. 

The 25-year-old creator explains that the guy she bought the vape from ‘looked so stoned, his eyes are bright red…I don’t know why sirens didn’t go off in my head like maybe don’t get a vape from this guy’. But the suspicious behavior and red flags didn’t stop there. After buying the vape, the vendor hung around and offered to take the waste packaging away.

Thinking that that was just his way of being helpful, Knight handed the rubbish back to him. It is thought the reason he needed to take the packaging back was either to reuse it again for the next customer (arguably victim) or so that Knight couldn’t hand those pieces of packing to the police, whereby they may be able to investigate the issue. 

Over the next few hours, while at Finns Beach Club, Knight describes how she took around 20 pulls of the vape. Later in the evening, during dinner with friends, she explains how her chest started to hurt. Her friends advised her to stop vaping, and they promptly head back to their hotel. 

Knight describes how the pain got increasingly bad when she lay in bed. ‘We go home, and I’m lying in bed on my back…it felt like there were knives in my lungs, it was so painful…I was Googling 911 in Bali, dodgy vape Bali, I couldn’t find anything … then I Googled lung disease … and then all this bad stuff started coming up saying take yourself to hospital, go to hospital right now, this is not normal’. 


She barely slept and kept an eye on her symptoms throughout the night. Even the morning after, she was still uncomfortable from the ordeal. She said, ‘I’m never vaping again, mark my words, never doing it again…It was not good, I thought I was actually going to die, but it’s okay; I’m here, and I’ve been given a second chance, but I am not vaping again’. 


In the comments section, Knight’s audience has shared similar experiences of dodgy vape products they bought while in Bali, so she is not alone in this. While vaping is acknowledged by many medical professionals to be as detrimental to health as smoking cigarettes, the trend continues to rise. 


Travelers are warned not to buy products such as vape devices from people in the street, along beaches, or even at pop-up markets. The industry in Indonesia is not regulated, and it is impossible to know whether the product being sold is legitimate. 

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Wayan Bo

Tuesday 4th of October 2022

Sure not, can buy only ganja and magic mushrooms.


Monday 3rd of October 2022

The IQ of a flea. You wouldn't buy this from an apparently stoned person at an Australian beach or club. If there's to be a warning it's against idiots like her. BTW hawkers are not allowed on Finns. Isn't it amazing how many of these wannabes are social media influencers.


Monday 3rd of October 2022

My god mate, that woman likes to talk. What is this article about again?

Karen North

Sunday 2nd of October 2022

"I've been given a second chance". Really? Do we really have to have media reports on these drama princesses? All you are doing is playing into their drama and giving them air on their Tik Tok, google whatever. Notice how every report is something bad happening to these blogger people and not just the normal tourist? Ban them.

Mango Carafino

Saturday 1st of October 2022

What do people expect when they put things into their body that are not natural or healthy for themselves. So many people in Bali have died or become blind from drinking the methanol drinks. You really have to live a clean and healthy lifestyle. This girl is really lucky and I am happy she took the correct approach to inform the public. Because if she said that Indonesians are blah blah blah and selling dangerous items on the beach. Most likely they would be looking for her to deport her from Bali. The truth of the matter is that you have to realize, the only thing safe is not to trust anything in Bali other than the air you breath, the waves you surf, the freedom you feel.


Sunday 2nd of October 2022

@Mango Carafino, Amen!