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Tragedy For Friend Who Discovered That Travel Companion Had Died In Bali Hotel Room

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An Australian tourist has died while on holiday in Bali. The 53-year-old man, named as Youssef Salim, was found by his friend and hotel staff around 5pm on the evening of Wednesday 31st August. Salim was staying at the Ramada Encore Hotel in Seminyak.

The Head of Public Relations for Denpasar Police, Iptu I Ketut Sukdi, confirmed the tourist’s death to reporters on Thursday morning. Sukadi explained, ‘It is suspected that the victim died of illness and drugs were found in the victim’s room’. Police confirmed that medications that were found in Salim’s room were not suspicious. All of which are conventionally used to treat type 2 diabetes, asthma and depression. 

Salim is believed to have been traveling to Bali with his friend. According to the police, Salim’s friend had been struggling to get a response from him for some time during the afternoon. Concerned for his safety, he contacted hotel staff to come and open the door of Salim’s hotel room.

Hotel team member I Komang Gd, 20, assisted Salim’s friend with accessing the room. Upon opening the door, they discovered Salim unresponsive on the bed. The young hotel assistant rushed back to the front reception to get more support and returned with his colleagues. They conducted an initial assessment on Salim and checked for a pulse but were unsuccessful. Reports from local newspapers suggest that Salim had passed away a few hours prior as his body was stiff. 

At 5.40 pm, the police reached the scene and assessed the room and tools statements. Based on the position and condition of Salim’s body, they do not suspect that there was any violence or suspicious activity.

Police recovered prescription medication that is typically used to manage Type 2 Diabetes and Asthma. They found Sandoz, Xigduo XR, Trajenta, Sirrivostaffin, and an asthma pump. Police also found a packet of Amitriptyline which is typically prescribed as an antidepressant. Police believe that Salim had died as a result of ill health and did not suggest that this was a suicide case. 

Within an hour of the discovery, Salim’s body was transported via ambulance to Sanglah Hospital. Police have confirmed that they are coordinating repatriation with the Australian consulate and Salim’s family. Police have not suggested that they are ordering a post-mortem. However, it is likely that a coroner’s report will be needed in order for the family to repatriate Salim’s body. It is believed that there will be no further investigation, given that the police did not find any evidence of foul play in the hotel room. 

Due to the close relationship between Indonesia and Australia, communication between consulates in cases such as this is relatively smooth, if costly. In late July 2022, an Australian known by his initials DSJ fell from a 4th-floor hotel room in Seminyak. DSJ died on impact, though police were initially concerned that there was more to the story than it first appeared. 

DSJ had only just checked into The Haven Hotel the afternoon before he died. Police tracked his moments in the hours before his death and caught him on CCTV staggering off the street and through the hotel. Eyewitnesses from the hotel report hearing a loud commotion coming from DSJ’s room.

When staff knocked on the door to enquire if he needed any assistance, they did not get a response. After hearing a louder commotion, they returned to the poolside to discover that DSJ had fallen from the balcony. It was later discovered that his room was trashed.

Credit: NusaBali

While unpleasant to think about, travelers are reminded to check they have fully comprehensive travel insurance before they arrive in Bali. It is advised to ensure that travel insurance covers repatriation in the event of death and complete medical policy cover in the event of accidents or suddenly falling ill. 

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