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Tourists Warned To Stop Parking Illegally Around This Popular Bali Beach 

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Leaders in Bali are on a mission to clean up Kuta Beach.

The island’s most famous tourist resort has been looking a little tired recently, and with other up-and-coming destinations in Bali luring in visitors, leaders in Kuta are working to ensure the iconic Kuta remains as charming and as welcoming as ever.

mopeds in bali

Leaders are working on a number of projects, including creating new beach stalls to help reduce the number of wandering vendors on the beach pressuring tourists to buy souvenirs.

They are also finishing off the new beach wall that helps give the area a more refined aesthetic.

Now, leaders are cracking down on illegal parking that is not only an eye sore but contributing to traffic congestion.

According to staff from the Kuta Beach management team, tourists and locals have been complaining about the state of the inconsiderate parking of both cars and motorcycles in the Kuta Beach area.

The Chairman of the LPM Kuta, Putu Adnyana, told reporters, “Yes, we receive a lot of complaints from the public. Many vehicles are parked haphazardly on the sidewalk.”

He also noted that the issues with parking are not exclusive to Kuta Beach itself but also all the beaches along what is known locally as the Samigita Beaches, which include Seminyak and Legian.

Adnyana has explained that although there is limited parking on the Kuta Beachfront, tourists should not abandon their rented mopeds along the side of the road, on the sidewalk, and in random places near the main car parks. Nih guys vidio mentahan buat kalian, no cut no edit no sound Cocok buat kalian yang mau prank insta story atau snap wa 😅🤭 #balikami #balikamicom #balikamigroup #balikamiofficial #kutabali #kutabaliindonesia #kutabeach ♬ suara asli –

Adnyana is now working with the Badung Public Works and Spatial Planning (PUPR) Department to create a lasting solution but acknowledges that both locals and tourists must endeavor to park their vehicles more responsibly.

He also noted that many people are choosing to park on the sidewalks to avoid paying the nominal parking fees.

He explained, “When the management of the beach is handed over to the Kuta Traditional Village [after current renovation works], parking will be directed inside to the former trader relocation area.”

“Excess vehicles from parking bays on the road will be brought inside, so there will be no more parking on the sidewalk.”

@ngurahsuryakusuma Jangan lewatkan puncak acara BBGR Kuta Festival hari Sabtu, 16 September 2023 mulai jam 08:00 Wita di Stage depan Pura Segara Desa Adat Kuta, Bali. #KutaFestival #KutaBeach #Bali ♬ – Ngurah Surya Kusuma

He stressed, “Once again, we hope that visitors, especially those who bring two-wheeled vehicles, must get used to not parking on the sidewalk because the sidewalk is for pedestrians.”

But despite warnings and the increased presence of traffic officers in the Kuta area communicating with the public, verbal warnings have been ignored, forcing officials to make this public statement and take more drastic action against both tourists and locals on the ground.


Speaking over the weekend, Adnyana said that officers from the LPM Kuta Subdistrict, together with officers from the Bali Police, Civil Service (Satpol PP), and the Badung Regency Transportation Service conducted firm action against 20 vehicles parked illegally in the tourist hotspot.

Adnyana said, “Earlier, we had executed it, we had already flattened the tires [of the mopeds], and there was already a sign with banners installed. The officers who were on patrol were able to immediately take action to destroy it.”

He continued, “In accordance with our coordination in the field, whether from Satpol PP, Transportation Agency, or the police, if they are on patrol, they will immediately take action [against illegally parked vehicles] without having to patrol together. Maybe there will be a certain time when we will take direct action to tow it or something.”


Adnyana said, “Motorists still park on the sidewalk even though there are banners prohibiting parking there. “Because we didn’t heed the prohibition signs, we immediately took firm action by demolishing vehicles that were still parked on the sidewalk.”

The local leader called on tourists planning to visit Kuta Beach and drive their rented motorcycles there to be ‘more sensitive’ to the rules and acknowledge the fair parking system that is in place.

Close Up Of Moped in Bali.jpg

He concluded, “We will intensify supervision along the sidewalks at Kuta Beach. We hope that the public or tourists will take advantage of the existing parking pockets.”

“Hopefully in the future, with activities like this and the addition of banners prohibiting parking, there will be less illegal parking on the sidewalks of Kuta Beach.”

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Sunday 24th of September 2023

Right... Nut the police ignore locals literally parking in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!!!

What a joke... Clean up your own people first Bali!


Wednesday 27th of September 2023

@ANdrew, I walk along Jl Pantai Kuta almost every day. I have seen cars being towed away from time to time. The ones I saw had mainly B prefix on the number plate which is probably a tourist from Jakarta.


Tuesday 19th of September 2023

High time Tourists stop visiting Bali as every other times it is always complaining of nothing else but tourists,always there are comments & complains for everything.I have put my trip on hold as everytime I hear so many complains that I fear visiting Bali.


Tuesday 19th of September 2023

As I can see now, and understand it’s forbidden to park along jl pantai kuta excepted in those aria’s where you have to pay for it. So you must be blind to not see those signs, but if so is it then still safe to drive? I still wonder why police doesn’t tow away when they see an illegal parked vehicule, motor or car, that must be not so difficult.

Paul Morris

Tuesday 19th of September 2023

Seriously you have to be joking blaming tourists for parking on the footpath, all the money that was wasted widening the footpath only to allow more locals to park their motorbikes on it is ridiculous. The police should start issuing fines to all those parking on the footpaths that would stop it very quickly, we have had to walk on the road many times to avoid this increasing bike problem. You’re too quick to blame the tourists for everything without the tourists Bali would be on its knees just like during the pandemic.


Tuesday 19th of September 2023

Quote "Adnyana has explained that although there is limited parking on the Kuta Beachfront, tourists should not abandon their rented mopeds along the side of the road or on the sidewalk".

The locals arrive early to work in the hotels, bars, malls, on the beach etc. So obviously no parking available for tourists arriving later in the day. Same can be seen in Sanur. There is the problem right there.

Why not dictate that all the business in Kuta provide parking for their workers. Otherwise workers need to park on the outskirts and take shuttle in and out.


Wednesday 20th of September 2023

@Exp, That'll never happen, natives are too lazy to change their habits. Remember...this is Bali!