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Tourists Shamed On Video After Allegedly Trying To Steal Bikinis From Bali Shop

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Two female tourists were allegedly caught shoplifting bikinis at a local shop in Canggu. 

According to a public Facebook video posted by TJ Agung, two unidentified females were attempting to steal multiple bikinis from the Mermaids Swimwear Boutique in Canggu Bali when they were caught by store employees. 

The two accused females then admitted to their alleged crime on a video that has been posted to social media channels. 

One women says “we are so so sorry about that, we dont want any problems.” 

The two women spoke with Spanish accents in the video but that has not been confirmed. 

It is not clear at this time if the shop owner just wanted to make an example of the two women by sharing the video on social media or if they are using the video as evidence for police. 

Regardless of the outcome, it appears that the two women in the video are ashamed, sorry and embarressed of their actions. 

She goes on to say “I promise that this is the last time that this will happen”

bikini thieves
(Image: TJ Agung Facebook)

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