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Tourists Must Respect Rules Of Bali’s Nyepi Festival 

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As Bali’s Nyepi festival approaches tourists and tourism providers on the island are being urged to a where to the rules.

The holy day of silence is the most important day in the Balinese Hindu calendar. 

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On the 11th of March, the island of Bali will fall into a gentle silence as the start of Nyepi day begins.

The silence will be honored until 6 am on the 12th of March, though ceremony-related restrictions, road closures, and limitations on business activities start around midday on the 10th of March and run through to the 13th. 

Leaders are concerned that both tourists and some tourism providers may not honor all the rules of the day.

Last year, local security and police reported that a number of tourists were found to be breaking the rules of the day, including trying to camp out on beaches, leave their properties, drive, and more.

In the days leading up to the Nypei festival, when Melasti ceremonies are often taking place around the island, footage also circulated of foreigners arguing and, in some cases, trying to physically fight with local security officers when roads were closed due to ceremonies and parades. 

The Chairman of the Badung Restaurant and Hotel Association, I Gusti Ngurah Rai Suryawijaya, told reporters that he and his teams will be collaborating with tourism providers and local regions leaders to ensure Nyepi Day goes smoothly. 

Suryawijaya told reporters that tourist and tourism providers must honor the rules.

He explained, “There can be no violations, that is harassment of religion, and it will be dangerous. Because the regulations already exist from the government [who] has issued regulations.”

He added, “We must maintain our security strictly and respect the holiday itself. [We must] interpret the Nyepi holiday [correctly] because this is a holy holiday for Hinduism. So all guests must obey these rules.”

Suryawijaya is calling on tourists staying in hotels, villas, and guesthouses to honor the rules to the full.

While many tourists in the past have respected that they must stay inside the confines of their accommodation for the day, some have overlooked the finer details. 


Everyone should keep light and sound to a minimum. This means that if you are a guest in Bali during the Nyepi festival and don’t want to observe the silence and decide to watch TV or social media content, do so using headphones so as not to cause noise that others will hear.

Talk in very hushed tones, and be mindful of heavy footsteps!

And others will hear! It’s hard to describe the depth of the silence on Nyepi day – hearing a pin-drop kind of silence!

The next is to close blinds and curtains if choosing to turn on the lights in the evening and nighttime.


For those staying in Bali over the Nypei festival, do not be surprised to find Pecalang (local security) walking through the guesthouse, hotel, or villa garden in the early morning and early evening.

As is customary, the Pecalang observe the silence of Nyepi but are also tasked with ensuring that all rules are adhered to, and in some parts of the island, Pecalang chose to patrol into accommodation areas. 

The local police will also be on standby to respond to any disturbances on Nyepi day to ensure that the wider community can observe the holy day in peace.

The Head of Denpasar Police, Commissioner Pol Wisnu Prabowo, told reporters, “It is very necessary to carry out well-planned security involving related agencies and stakeholders so that the implementation of the Nyepi Holy Day series can run well.”


Speaking separately, the Regent of Badung, Nyoman Prasta, told reporters, “Hopefully, the celebration of Nyepi Day and our tolerance will continue well between religious communities. We want the Island of the Gods to truly become an island with high tolerance.”

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Saturday 9th of March 2024

If electricity is turned off, what about people suffering diabetes and depend on insulin and need to keep the insulin in a fridge in order insulin doesn’t get destroyed, must do?!


Sunday 10th of March 2024

@Ron, What what I read in local news: Electricity supply will be shut off ONLY for Nusa Pendia / Ceningan / Lembongan.


Friday 8th of March 2024

Pecalang love their empowerment during Nyepi. Pity they don't do anything about underage kids riding helmetless and recklessly around at other times. Add to that relentless burning and rubbishing of the environment by the villagers.


Monday 11th of March 2024

@Thommo, so true think they big time power surge just crap


Sunday 10th of March 2024


👍. Wouldn't it be great to sometimes read complimentary posts instead of the continual, repetitive and obviously not effective, complaints.


Saturday 9th of March 2024

@Thommo, pity you come to someone else’s country and spout your dribble


Saturday 9th of March 2024


It is the job for the police to enforce traffic laws and Satpol PP (social order police) to enforce trash burning regulations. Not very effective from my experience.

Pecalang seems to have other interests as well: In my area they arrested the pecalang boss after he was involved in physical attack "defending" the huge prostitution business in his area (south-west Sanur). I had a pecalang with some other dudes recently barging through security to my complex after I complained about terrible noise from revving motorbike next to my house. They wanted me to "explain" my complaint. Usual intimidation tactic.

In summary pecalang are not there to enforce laws, or protect and help foreigners in any way.


Friday 8th of March 2024

These rules do apply to Russians.


Friday 8th of March 2024

People should be made aware that apparently cellular data (internet) will not work during Nyepi. GSM/SMS and internet via optical fiber cable will still work.