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Bali Tourists Must Be Aware Of Upcoming Nyepi Road Closures

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Bali’s Nyepi Day is coming up on the 11th of March.

Also known as the Day of Silence, it has strict rules for both locals and tourists, including no travel for the duration of the holy day. 

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While Nypei Day technically starts at 6 am on the 11th of March and the silence is broken at 6 am on the 12th of March, there are festival-related restrictions in place for up to 48 hours covering the half day before and a half day after Nyepi itself.

Road closures come into effect across communities in Bali from late afternoon on March 10th in preparation for community ogoh-ogoh parades. If traveling away from Bali to avoid Nyepi Day, it is advisable to depart on March 9th at the latest and return on March 13th.

Although regency-organized parades will not be happening this year, every community village is hosting an ogoh-ogoh parade of its own. This means that pecalang security will be closing roads, diverting traffic, or limiting vehicle access from around 4 pm on the 10th of March. 

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Most shops, cafes and restaurants will close around midday on the 10th of March. Although some attractions and eateries will operate for longer, as tourists its best to assume that you won’t be able order after lunchtime.

One of the most significant road closures to be aware of is the 36-hour closure of the Bali Mandara Toll Road. The Finance Director of the Mandara Toll Road, Wayan Eka Saputra, said, “Operations of the Bali Mandara Toll Road will be temporarily closed starting on the 10th of March at 11 pm local time and will reopen on the 12th of March at 7 am local time, after Nyepi Day.”

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The road will remain open for emergency vehicles that must be accompanied by vehicles from the local pecalang security teams.

Saputra also confirmed that traffic officers from the toll road will be supporting traffic flow during ceremonies held before Nyepi Day.

On the 8th of March a huge Melasti ceremony will be held in Pedungan Village which will also involve temporary road closures and diversions. 

Saptura said Benoa Police, Traffic Corps, and pecalang would secure traffic moving from the Pesanggaran intersection toward Benoa Harbor to the ceremony’s location.

For the next few days, tourists must anticipate more traffic than usual gathering at the Pesanggaran intersection. 

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Leaders in Bali are calling on tourists to honor and respect the rules of the Nypei festival, as last year saw a number of foreigners outrightly disregarding the restrictions of the holy day.

Footage emerged in 2023 of tourists arguing and even trying to fight local pecalang security during road closures for the Melasti ceremony in Uluwatu. Pecalang also caught tourists camping out on beaches and trying to go on hikes. 


While the festival is honored by Balinese Hindus, all people on Bali, regardless of their faith or nationality, are required to honor the basic rules of the day.

Tourists are allowed to walk around their resorts and hotels but will be encouraged to stay as quiet as possible; no one is allowed to leave their homes, hotels, or resorts unless in an absolute emergency.

While tourists do not need to adhere to complete silence, the request is that tourists and non-Balinese Hindus honor the conditions needed for practicing Balinese Hindus to fully revere the day. 


Both the police and local security teams have confirmed that they will be on standby over the festival to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

The Head of Denpasar Police, Commissioner Pol Wisnu Prabowo, told reporters, “Denpasar Police and its staff have sufficient response capabilities to prevent the threshold of disturbance, the potential for disturbance to become a real disturbance.”


He added, “It is very necessary to carry out well-planned security involving related agencies and stakeholders so that the implementation of the Nyepi Holy Day series can run well.”

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Thursday 7th of March 2024

1 out of 365 days without the endless number of noisy motorbikes racing back and forth. Not sure only one day of Nyepi can compensate for that.


Thursday 7th of March 2024

Ive always thought this Holy Day should be, instead of sitting at home in the dark, be a Bali clean up day. Just imagine if everyone on the island, locals and tourists spent a couple of hours picking up trash and rubbish in their local area. Im sure the gods of every type would appreicate that more than sitting in silence


Thursday 7th of March 2024

Quote "emergency vehicles that must be accompanied by vehicles from the local pecalang security teams."

Are they sure that all pecalang can be trusted? A pecalang boss near my area was arrested for attack on Satpol PP personnel after Satpol PP attempted to shutdown big prostitution business in south-west Sanur. I hope they have found a replacement for this gangster.