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Tourists Must Be Mindful Of Motorcycle Theft In Bali

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One of the most affordable, accessible, and efficient ways to explore Bali as a tourist is to rent a motorcycle.

Whether a full-blown motorbike or a little moped or scooter, hiring a two-wheeler to whizz around the island is a popular choice with tourists. 

NMAX Motorbike Motorcycle Moped by Rice Paddie in Bali.jpg

Motorcycles and tourists as a combo never seem to be too far for the headlines. Whether it’s tourists getting into collisions or breaking traffic laws, there’s a story every week about this unkilled duo.

This week, the warnings come from a slightly different angle after a tourist had their motorcycle stolen from outside their accommodation. 

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The theft took place at a proper location in Cemagi, a village just outside of Canggu. The vehicle belonged to a Canadian citizen residing in the area.

The police have successfully tracked down and arrested the thieves in question but have also warned all motorcycle users to be extra mindful of where and how they park. 

The Head of Public Relations for Badung Police, Iptu I Ketut Sudana, explained that the victim only realized his motorbike was missing when he was going for a walk.

The bike was stolen by three local men who had targeted the Canadian man in a pre-planned mission to steal the bike.

The three men, Asrul Hadi (41), Heri Tri Ahmadi (35), and Budi (34), admitted to conducting a reconnaissance mission of the Cemagi Village area.

Sudana told reporters, “The location was Rumah Santai Villa, Banjar Batan Tanjung, Cemagi Village, Mengwi District, Badung, last February 14th. The victim immediately reported it to the police.”

Sudana explained to reporters that the trio pushed the victim’s motorbike, which was unlocked, to the Nyanyi area in Tabanan.

The perpetrators also confirmed the situation around why they chose this location, including noting that the security guard post is generally quiet.

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The NMax was then hidden in a warehouse. Meanwhile, the trio returned to their respective rented houses nearby.

Sudana said, “The next day, the perpetrators came back to the warehouse to make sure the motorbike was still there. They stripped it so the motorbike could start and removed the police number plate.”

Sudana confirmed that after successfully starting the bike, the NMax was then smuggled all the way out of the Jember area, East Java, by February 16th.

However, in a coordinated operation between Bali Police and units in East Java, the vehicle was recovered, and the trio was arrested.

Sudana noted that the trio was also arrested in different places: the Kediri District, Tabanan Regency, and Mengwi, Badung Regency, on a Wednesday evening.


In the same week, five more bike thieves arrived at Selamat Habor in West Lombok after being suspected of stealing another NMax motorcycle.

Laksana Agus Wiraguna (21), Sugianto (40), Jaka (22), Suhirman Abad (25), and Mahera (25) were also arrested by police and brought into custody. 

Badung Police have told reporters that Laksana was caught smuggling a stolen bicycle with four of his conspirators through Padangbai Harbor, Bali.

Each of the gang bought an NMax-type motorbike with a number plate from Bali. 


Based on a report from the North Kuta Police, the initial theft was carried out by Laksana at 2 am at an undisclosed hotel in the Badung area.

He is known to have taken off with an NMax-type motorbike with the plate DK 2474 FCM. The motorbike was rented by a foreign tourist who was on holiday in Bali.


Tourists in Bali renting motorcycles are encouraged to park their bikes in secure areas, within sight of CCTV cameras if possible.

Always lock the vehicle’s steering and double-check that the key is not left in the ignition.

Taking the helmet away or securing it under the seat is also good practice. Helmet thefts are rife across Bali, with thieves targeting tourists and local people indiscriminately. 

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Thursday 22nd of February 2024

When is the police to lawfully "steal" away the illegal exhaust fitted on more and more motorbikes and even scooters in Bali? A crime that is causing stress, disturbance and pollution. Not to mention that these motorbikes often drive at high speed and risk for others on the road.

The law even allow for jail time for noise levels above approx 80 decibel. Some of these produces easily 100 dBA. I can hear them like 2-3km away when they take off on Jl Bypass. I measured one at 90 dBA at my house, so obviously >100 dBA at 1 meter distance: Modified Kawasaki Ninja using the road as personal race track.

Many of the modified motorbikes can be found for hire by the Russians in Bali. Ref. Telegram. Looks like shops are set up to build motorbikes with illegal exhausts?

I was visiting some towns in Java. No such problem. Why is Bali police not doing more to stop this noise menace in south Bali? These are the easiest criminals to find. You basically has to be deaf not to detect them.

Top tip: Just inspect all the Bengkels (motorbike repair shops) along the main roads and you will find many of this illegal motorbikes parked outside. Get to work.


Friday 23rd of February 2024

@olli, Gangsters. True that.

I recently reported loud doff doff music from a new warung set up 20 meter from my house. I have in the past also asked for lurah to stop the constant burning of plastic trash downwind from my house -- an activity the locals are very fond of.

Now lurah ring my door and tell me that "the locals" are real gangsters and are just waiting for an opportunity to raid my house (I live in a south Denpasar compound with "security").

Not only can the locals ignore the laws they also get away with threats and intimidation. Time to dust off my relocation plan.


Friday 23rd of February 2024


There is no functioning police force in Bali. Local gangsters rule wherever.


Friday 23rd of February 2024

@Exp, Cops have more pressing priorities like shaking down tourists driving without helmets or wearing sandals and shorts. Can't shake down Natives, they don't have money unless they steal it from the tourists first.


Thursday 22nd of February 2024

Seems tourists have to be mindful of more and more things coming to Bali. The place is becoming a nightmare of over development, crime, pollution, scams, dangerous traffic and little accountability. And if your a 10 year old local you can ride around on motorbikes even go back and forth to school on one.


Friday 23rd of February 2024

@Thommo, Laws are only written for Tourists, don't apply to Natives.


Thursday 22nd of February 2024

Real men ride Honda Astrea, not those rubbish nmaxes.


Friday 23rd of February 2024


Honda Supra X, 125's are the best. Cheap,nobody steals them.


Friday 23rd of February 2024

@Nyoman, LMFAO, REAL men ride HARLEYS not Scooters.

eliza bella

Thursday 22nd of February 2024

Bad luck for this person for having the NMax Stolen.

Stupidity for not locking the bike!

The locals may not secure there bikes however this is no reason for tourist to leave a leased / rented bike un secured. Including the Helement . There are eyes every where looking for an opportunity , & they find 1.


Thursday 22nd of February 2024

What is sentence for that sort of crime?


Friday 23rd of February 2024

@Osmo, A British tourist was deported last year after serving one year jail for stealing a custom motorbike in Canggu.

For locals? Roll the dice.