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Tourists File Complaints About Aggressive Kids Asking For Money In Bali

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The Kuta Village Office had started receiving complaints regarding children who aggressively ask for money from tourists in Kuta.

kuta beach

The Secretary of Kuta Sub-District, Made Agus Suantara, confirmed that he has received complaints from the Kuta Village Office concerning underage street sellers who cause inconveniences by asking for money from tourists in his area.

“The officials of Kuta Village received a report from a tourist guide who came across these street sellers who insisted that tourists give them money,” Suantar said on Tuesday (19/4).

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After receiving the report, Suantara immediately communicated the issue with the Kuta Civil Service Office. They began an operation to find the underage children who have been selling in Kuta tourist spots.

The officials managed to detain 10 children on Saturday evening (16/4) and transported them to the Civil Service Office Station for interrogation.

pura bekasih temple bali

“It turns out that the kids came to Kuta from Karangasem and have been staying in a boarding house with thier parents,” Suantara added.

He was concerned that this issue might affect the tourism sector, which is only starting to recover. “We will regularly supervise their movement, and we might transport them back to where they’re from if they try to repeat the same mistake,” Suantara concluded.

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Saturday 23rd of April 2022

Anybody who travels to Bali regularly knows the majority of these kids are run by gangs. Perhaps Balinese police should be looking at the gang control in Bali in order to fix the problem of children being exploited like this!!


Saturday 23rd of April 2022

I feel sorry for the children who seem to be aggressive asking for money. We should show compassion as family's have done it tough the past couple of years, relying on donations just to survive. So please surely you could spare a little if a child asks you for help.♥️


Saturday 23rd of April 2022

@Jules, evertime you give them a hand out it only perpetuates the situation. The government of that country needs to support it's people and offer free food to keep them from harassing the tourists who support the government by travel and spending money in their country. It's a win win. No one will want to come back in the future if you are constantly being hounded for money. It seems heartless I know but it is best not to give. If you care so much, take them home with you


Friday 22nd of April 2022

"Deporting" the families away from tourist areas and back to their villages will not solve the core problem. Karangasem Regency is among the poorest places in Bali. Due to covid the situation is becoming worse. Suggest the authorities look at the core problem (lack of work and income) and initiate actions to help these people.


Friday 22nd of April 2022

Mantap! Mereka malas bgt dan bisa kerja seperti org lain di Bali.

Wayan Bo

Friday 22nd of April 2022

Each of such kids is doing huge damage to Balinese tourism.