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Tourists Don’t Mind Paying Bali Tourism Tax Says Top Official

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Top officials from the Indonesian Minister for Tourism and Creative Economies say that tourists don’t mind paying the newly implemented tourism tax.

The USD 10 fee is mandatory for all international tourists arriving in the province. 

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A spokesperson for the Ministry for Tourism and Creative Economies, Nia Niscaya, held a press conference on Monday in Jakarta to discuss the first week of the new tourism tax.

She also discussed the future of the tourism relationship between India and Indonesia. 

Niscaya said that the Ministry has been in discussions with embassies and ambassadors around the world regarding the new tourism levy.

She told reporters, “When I happened to be invited yesterday by our embassy in New Delhi, there was an event called the Indonesia India forum in the context of 75 years of bilateral relations.”

Niscaya revealed that the representative of the Indian tourism industry said that most tourists are not too fussed about paying the extra USD 10 fee (IDR 150,000) on or before arriving in Bali.

She noted, “They said that as long as the purpose [of the tax] was clear, especially for sustainability issues, cultural and environmental issues, then they welcomed it.”

She added, “The important challenge here is that our communication must be clear about its purpose, and its management must be contained within a good governance structure.”

It seems that Indian tourists are representative of most tourists from around the world. Over 9,000 tourists volunteered to pay the tourism tax between 7th and 13th February during the trial periods before the tax became mandatory on the 14th of February.

Since the topic has been discussed in the media for over six months and has been widely advertised by the National Tourism Board, the new fee has hardly come as a shock to tourists. 

There is still a way to go; however, as with any new system, there are some obstacles that officials want to see ironed out.

The Deputy Chairman of the Bali Tourism Industry Association, Nyoman Astama, is calling on airlines to step up and help communicate the new tourism tax to tourists when they book their flights to Bali. 

Astama said It’s a shame, for example, if someone misses it.” He wanted to see more efforts made to communicate the new tax to all incoming tourists so that maximum funds could be generated for the protection and preservation of Balinese culture, tourism infrastructure, and more. 

He noted that there are more than 30 airlines flying intentionally into Bali. Astama said, “It is through this collaboration that the provisions for payment of levies will be socialized to passengers.”

He also wants to see airlines showing recommendations to foreign tourists to make the tourism tax payment before checking in online. 


There could still be changes on the cards for the new tourism tax system as the initiative finds its flow. At present, tourists who have paid their tourism tax levy before arriving will be sent a QR-code voucher that must be scanned on arrival.

Similarly, those who pay on arrival will also need to show their printed voucher to a staff member with a handheld scanner.


The potential stumbling block is that there are only seven handheld scanning devices for the voucher codes. In the high season, Bali welcomes upwards of 36,000 people a day.

This would mean each scanner would have to process over 5,000 people per day, and this would inevitably result in queues if a longer-term solution is put in place. 


Last week, the Head of the Bali Tourism Office, Tjok Bagus Pemayun, said that he and his teams are working to establish new solutions to ensure that the tourism tax process does not cause hassle, stress, or unnecessary queues for tourists who are eager to start their vacation the moment they touch down on the Island of the Gods. 

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Friday 23rd of February 2024

I think they should make any visa here 100usd. And triple all of the other retirement visa's etc. They would make a lot more money if they did the math. Clean out the scum, an clean the place up.


Thursday 22nd of February 2024

Welcome to bali, before you have the chance to be bothered and harrassed for money any time you step in public, we will legally rip you off before you even get your suitcase! Then you have the right to be overcharged for everything else while you enjoy our mid level beaches and terrible infrastructure. If yiu want alcohol, you can either pay 3x more than you would for anything international..or pay the regular price for our garbage indonesian brand beers and spirits! As well, feel free to spend too much on a tour to a place that is nothing spectacular Don't forget to tip us and come back again for another round of the same scam! Enjoy


Wednesday 21st of February 2024

Tourists may not be too fussed about paying the tax with the promise that they will have a better experience, but it will certainly backlash once their holidays are ruined by hours stuck in the traffic to get to polluted beaches. If those funds aren’t invested in garbage management and infrastructure immediately, they certainly won’t come back. Bali already has a bad reputation for these reasons (among others), promote additional queues at the airport for people who don’t even live in Bali (so why should they pay a tax?) and social media with be flooded by videos of unsatisfied tourists. Just what Bali needs, right?


Friday 23rd of February 2024

@J West, The ITE law was just revised to widen the dragnet. In Indonesia defamation is a crime not only a civil issue. It is vague (rubber law) hence can be tailored to whatever purpose.

And guess what bad can happen when criticism is translated from (subtle) English or other foreign languages into Bahasa Indonesia?

J West

Thursday 22nd of February 2024

@Riya, Didn’t Bali general admin , police, immigration etc threaten a tourist someone recently for exposing the truth about the real conditions on Bali? My belief is that the threats were meant to intimidate anyone from posting true content about the pollution, garbage , crime and horrid toxic beaches. So….. Rita…. be careful what you say….they might come knocking.


Thursday 22nd of February 2024

@Riya, They built new trash handling stations last year or so in Denpasar causing immense problems for those living nearby from foul smelling smoke. I guess they are not using state of the art technology.

The largest center they located on Kesiman beach making sure the sea breeze could bring all that smoke inland over housing areas.

So even if money are going to spend nothing will improve unless they realize they have to call in real experts and spend real money.

Raymond Barden

Wednesday 21st of February 2024

Ok, get your locals to clean up there own mess on Poppies 1 and 2, legian St, Jl. Melasti, Padma and so on.drop your VOA fee, COVID IS OVER, you officials need to take a good look at yourself, GREED.


Wednesday 21st of February 2024

Most of my friends do not like this new mandatory paiement.