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The Famous Canggu Shortcut Bans Cars

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Four wheel vehicles are permanently banned on the Canggu shortcut. 

If you have ever been to Canggu in the Bali, you must have passed or at least heard about the infamous Canggu shortcut. It’s an 800 m shortcut that cuts right through the evergreen paddy fields and takes you to the main road.

The shortcut is a small-cobbled road with a width of barely two cars. It is a two-way road, sort of. Time and time again scooters and cars have fallen into the rice fields while trying to pass each other.

short cut fail

shortcut fail

short cut fail

Locals have finally said enough is enough and have ereceted a sign prohibiting cars from using the shortcut. Only motorbikes will be allowed to use the narrow road moving forward. 

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