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The Block Star Jess Eva Scammed In Bali Trying To Buy a Very Personal Medical Procedure

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The Block star Jess Eva has spoken out about the terrifying moment she was scammed in Bali when she attempted to buy a very personal medical procedure.

On Tuesday, the Triple M star told her Moonman in the Morning co-hosts she wanted an enema while in the tropical paradise – and was offered one for the bargain price of just $50.

But Jess soon came to realise she’d been scammed by the mystery man handing out the rectum flushing procedure – who instead abandoned her in a stranger’s house, the Dail Mail reported. 

abandoned her in a stranger's house.
Too good to be true: Jess was horrified to learn that she had instead been led to a stranger’s house, far away from the spa she thought she was entering (Twitter: MoonManMornings)

Recalling her decision to get the treatment, she said: ‘When you go to Bali, you try to get things done that you can’t necessarily afford. Like health treatments, dental, some people get their boob implants.

So I thought – I’m going to jump on this train.’

Jess added that she’d always wanted an enema, which is a procedure which involves a liquid or gas being injected into the rectum to expel its contents.

Some advocates claim the procedure can remove toxins and treat constipation, and it can be administered by a medical professional or self-administered at home.

‘They’re meant to clear yourself out. They say healthy gut, healthy mind!’ she laughed.

jess eva and husband
Soared to fame: Jess Eva (left, with her husband, Norm Hogan) found fame on The Block, and has since become a popular addition to the Triple M radio team (Image: Nine)

‘I went in, and this guy is handing out pamphlets and saying: “enema! enema!” – so I’m like, I’ll grab one of those.’

Jess then worryingly confirmed that instead of heading to the spa, she was led down an alleyway to a random house. 

She continued: ‘He leads me up the stairs, takes me to this room and says: “I’ll be right back.”‘

Revealing she was seated in an empty room with just a ‘single bed and a chair’ in it, she continued: ‘An hour and fifteen minutes later… nothing. And by the way, I’m ready to take my pants off at any time – I mean, It’s an enema! 

Jess eva and husband 2
(Image: Nine)

Then at one point, I literally just thought – this is a scam. I’m in someone’s house. I was led into someone’s lounge room, on the false hope of an enema.’

Despite the worrying incident, Eva still managed to joke: ‘I left with my heart heavy and my guts full, and $50 cheaper!’

Jess rose to fame with her husband Norm on The Block in 2018, and the pair share two children: Fred, six, and two year-old Matilda. 

During show’s finale, the couple sold their apartment at auction for $2,859,000, making a tidy profit of $209,000. 

Source: The Daily Mail

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