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Slovakian Expat Living In Bali’s Jimbaran Village Arrested On Possession Charges

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A Slovakian expat in Bali has been arrested on drug charges. The 38-year-old man, known by his first initial ‘M’, was apprehended by police close to his home in South Kuta on Saturday, 4th February. Police have confirmed that M has been living in Bali for the last year. He was found in possession of marijuana in the form of hash.

Ariel View Of Jimbaran Coastline and Village Resorts in Bali

Details of the arrest were shared with reporters at a press conference on Wednesday 8th February. Badung Police Chief, AKBP Leo Dedy Defretes, led the announcement. He said that M was arrested in Jimbaran Village in South Kuta, where he has been living for the last 12 months. It is believed that in the moments prior to his arrest, M threw a plastic clip bag containing hash away. The bag was later recovered by police. During questioning, M admitted that there were more drugs stored at his rental home.

Arrested Police Handcuffs Hands through prison bars.

The Head of the Badung Drugs Unit, AKP Picha Armedi, said M was arrested on the street outside his accommodation in the seaside community. Jimbaran is a traditional fishing village that has transformed into a coastal resort popular with Europeans.

Armedi said, “The arrest of this suspect has become the target of the Narcotics Unit. The suspect was arrested when he opened an envelope containing drugs. At first, the suspect tried to dispose of the evidence stored in the envelope. Thanks to the foresight of our team, the envelope was successfully found.”

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During a search of M’s home, police found a large lump of hash, as well as two plastic clip bags containing dried marijuana. The police also uncovered thirteen bottles of what is suspected to be cannabis oil. AKP Defretes said, “The perpetrators did not have permission from the authorities for the possession of the evidence found. Then the perpetrators and evidence were taken to the Badung Police for further investigation. The total evidence of hashish weighed 326 grams, and marijuana weighed 263 grams.”

Police Sign On Lamppost in Bali

The arrest of M is not the only drug bust conducted by the Badung Police Unit this week. AKP Defretes also revealed details of another raid that resulted in the arrest of four Indonesian citizens, all of whom remain in police custody. AKP Defretes revealed “The total evidence secured was 3.84 grams of crystal methamphetamine, 263 grams of marijuana, 326 grams of hash, and 1,300 Koplo pills (hallucinogenics). The suspects were charged with Article 111 paragraph (1) RI Law No. 35 of 2009 and Article 114 RI Law No. 35 of 2009 regarding Narcotics and Article 197 of RI Law Number 36 of 2009 concerning Health.”


Bali’s Anti-Narcotics police units have had a busy start to the year. It was revealed earlier this week that airport police successfully identified and arrested Antonio Strangio on the 3rd of February. Australian-Itlaian Strangio has had an Interpol Red Notice above his head since November 2016. Airport and immigration police arrested him as he attempted to enter Bali and handed him over to officers at the Bali Police Detention Center, where he awaited extradition.


Indonesia has some of the most strict and unforgiving drug laws in the world. In January, airport police arrested a 19-year-old woman from Brazilian. The young traveler was arrested after a search of her luggage revealed 3.6kg of cocaine. Known by her initials ‘MF,’ she remains in police custody in Bali. MF told police that she did not know who the drugs came to be in her possession. She claimed that she was coming to Bali to learn to surf. Police believe that she has been tricked into becoming a drug smuggler by a gang in Brazil.


The Unit Chief of the Bali Police Drug Enforcement Office, Iwan Eka Putra, told reporters “She is indeed used as part of the Brazilian network, promised that if you want to go surfing school in Bali, you can [do] it. [This was] promised by a friend near her house, so she brought the item. She didn’t know the item was in the suitcase because she had brought a suitcase from the network”. Nevertheless, MF now faces the Indonesian criminal justice system, where the death penalty is still enforced for the most prolific drug crimes.

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Saturday 11th of February 2023

Ganja is not a narcotic it is a natural plant.


Friday 10th of February 2023

Drug mules are never innocent, they’re greedy . Lock her up.

Wayan Bo

Thursday 9th of February 2023

Anyway, in Czechoslovakia Slovakia it’s legal like in all modern countries too. In Stone Age countries is the situation obviously different.


Monday 13th of February 2023

@Wayan Bo, then M should of stayed there where is legal, what is he doing in Bali? I am fed up with the audacity of some ppl that want to have the level of decay in their society brought into other nations. And then say it is stone age. Stone Age I saw in many so called ''civilised'' countries, rampant in drugs, a real crisis in so many cities. Indonesia wants a healthy population, I wish all countries had this penalties for dealers


Monday 13th of February 2023

@Randy, Bali- the Island of GREED, POLUTION, TRASH AND ISLAM. You just can’t make this $hit up.


Saturday 11th of February 2023

@Randy, oops. Correcting the error. Indonesia is NOT Slovakia(the other country) that has split from The Czech Republic.


Saturday 11th of February 2023

@Wayan Bo, as a starter Indonesia is NOT the Czech Republic. All legal in modern countries?? What exactly is legal...Are you stuck in the stone age with what you do not know...