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Bali Officials Upset Over Tourists and Expats Who Refuse To Wear Masks

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Local security guards in Sanur are upset over tourist not properly wearing masks in the area that is currently experiencing an outbreak of COVID-19.

The Traditional Security Guards or (Pecalang) in Sanur Beach are trying to help control the spread of COVID-19 as the area is considered a “red zone” with a high infection rate. Sanur is a popular area among tourists and expats.

local pecalang

A traditional guard in Sanur, Made Ruta said many people even get offended when he reminds them to wear their mask properly.

“They told me that it’s uncomfortable to wear a mask, that they couldn’t breath freely”, said Made Ruta in an interview on Friday afternoon Sept 18th 2020.

“Most of the foreigners living in Sanur don’t wear masks properly”, Ruta added.

A partial Lockdown has been implemented in Sanur and the local security help to ensure everyone is wearing mask.

“Everyone who gets caught not wearing one would is fined IDR 100.000 or 15 push ups” said Ruta.

local pecalang

Ruta said that him and the three other traditional security guards who patrol Sanur beach are no longer paid since the pandemic began.

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