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Russian Man Detained In Bali For Public Indecency And Drunken Disturbance

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A Russian tourist has been arrested in Ubud for disorderly behavior. The man, reported in local media as Alexsei T, was arrested outside the Ari Canti Hospital on Jalan Raya Mas on Saturday, 27th August. Police were alerted to a foreigner behaving in an ‘uneasy’ way and causing distress to the public. 

The Head of Ubud Police, Kompol Gusti Ngurah Yudistira, told reporters on Monday morning that he immediately dispatched a unit to attend the scene upon receiving the call. Yudistira said, ‘Based on the complaint, we and our staff went to the TKP (the crime scene). We have secured the person concerned so as not to disturb the Kamtibmas [Community Security and Order]’. 

When police arrived on the scene late at night, they found Alexsei T naked on the street and showing signs of being severely intoxicated, most likely drunk. Yudistira said that Alexsei T was difficult to communicate with. Initially, it was difficult to establish whether he was simply drunk or whether he had other psychological issues that needed urgent attention. 

Local people who were watching Alexsei T’s behavior unfold told police that not only was he naked and parading in the street, shouting and causing distress to passersby, but that he had also spat at several people. One student shared their shock at the scene ‘He’s unsettling because he wanders around naked. Reporters have described how Alexsei T was flaunting his ‘vital organ’ to passersby too.

When police arrested him, his behavior escalated, and he was reportedly increasingly challenging to handle. Due to his severely intoxicated state and possible mental health issues, the police took Alexsei T to the hospital rather than the police headquarters. Yudistira explained that the Russian man was ’Immediately taken to Bangli Hospital using a police patrol car escorted by 5 Ubud Police personnel led by Panit 2 Samapta, Ipda Widiana and Panit 2 Reskrim Ipda Wahyu’. 

Very little is known about Alexsei T. He has been noted to be a tourist though it is not known how long he has been in Bali and how long he intended to stay. He was alone at the time of his arrest. In a photo circulating in local media, Alexsei T can be seen flanked by police officers, barefoot, and wearing a pair of khaki shorts. He appears vacant and stands in front of a police car.

Yudistira continued to explain that his teams have reached out to representatives at the Indonesian Immigration departments and Russian Consulate for further coordination. He closed his statement by saying that Alexsei’s case has now been handed over, and there is speculation that he will be deported.

This is the second incident of public indecency by a tourist in Bali this week. According to Radar Bali, another incident in Bitra Village occurred during a mass cremation event.

Reports of the incident are brief, but it’s clear that a male foreign tourist was screaming in the street while not wearing any clothes. The man was apprehended by local pecalang (village security) and handed over to local police. Though there have been no public statements made by local police regarding this case. 

Bali Police quickly respond to any reports of tourists misbehaving, especially regarding drunken disorderly behavior, public nudity, or disrespectful behavior at sacred sites. In May 2022, Bali publicly deported two foreigners caught naked at two holy places in Bali.

Jeff Craigen was arrested and deported back to Canada after attempting to do a Haka naked atop of sacred Mount Batur. Alina Fazleeva was detained and deported after posing nude in the roots of a Banyan Tree on temple grounds. Both Craigen and Fazleeva have been blacklisted from Indonesia meaning that they are not permitted to return to the country. A fate that may soon be released by Alexsei T.

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Neil gill

Tuesday 30th of August 2022

Right through. The pandemic it seemed to be most incidents were Eastern Europeans, maybe they have no respect for the culture not only in their own countries but Indonesia as well

Wayan Bo

Monday 29th of August 2022

Some tourist's are missing nudism areas in Bali.