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River Waste Polluting West Bali Beaches

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Beaches In Jembrana, West Bali have been polluted by huge piles of waste that are drifting down rivers due to heavy rains. While there was originally a debate that river pollution was blamed on mass tourism, that isn’t the case due to the borders being closed.

The impact of the heavy rains are being seen on some beaches in the Jembrana region. Pebuahan Beach that is located in Banyubiru Village has been polluted by waste that was carried by the rivers.

“Many logs, tree branches, garbage and plastic is polluting our beach, causing the water to be covered in the waste.” said one of the residents.

Nearby residents said that this is actually an annual problem in the Jembrana coastal area as the rain intensity tends to increase at the end of the year.

“I must admit that this is a common problem in our area, but apparently the issue is even worse this year, as a large amounts of waste is covering the water from the shore to the open ocean.” said the resident.

coastal waste and plastic

Tourists are reluctant to visit the beach in Jembrana region at this time of year. “The number of visitors of the beach has significantly reduced due to the bad weather recently, as well as the huge pile of garbage on the beach that is making people feel uncomfortable.” he concluded.

The residents hope that the regional government can solve this problem immediately to help the local people in the area.

bali garbage on beach

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Clean Up Your Backyard

Tuesday 30th of November 2021

I have seen with my own eyes for the past 40 years visiting & living for some time in Bali the way that many treat the environment - appallingly.

Most tourists find a bin, most locals think the street is the bin. Once it leaves their hand, it is like (in their mind) it just evaporates into thin air. No tourists due to CV has now shown the "story" of rubbish pollution by tourists to be false.

I have been on ferries in Indonesia, they just toss their rubbish off the side, when there is a bin 3 steps away ... if they throw packet rubbish on the ground, I pick it up straight away, look at them, and shake my head.

One of the prob top 5 reasons people have a bad opinion of Bali after a visit (apart from drunk dick heads in Kuta) is rubbish - on the beaches, on the streets and in the villages.

Time for them to clean up there own backyard.


Monday 29th of November 2021

We all know where the garbage originated from. Their solution is burning 🥵 the plastic and the rice straw, pollution personified.

Pan Demi

Monday 29th of November 2021

the story that will never end no matter what your input and comments are ..

Paul Morris

Tuesday 30th of November 2021

@Pan Demi, how true unfortunately for Bali and it’s people.

Kim Bartlett

Sunday 28th of November 2021

We visit Bali at least twice a year and stay for a couple of months as we have family there but haven't been there now since2019 due to pandemic, we miss Bali


Sunday 28th of November 2021

The trash here is horrible. Some of the worst I have seen anywhere. Between the piles of rubbish along every roadside to the nasty beaches and then the burning piles of it outside of every village. With so many people out of work why not hire them to pick up garbage? Where we used to live in Mexico they had a similar problem and the municipality pays cleaners full time and holds other events where people get bags of staples and household goods in exchange for bags of trash. It has made a huge impact and benefits the community in multiple ways.