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Quarantine Time For Bali Tourists Has Been Reduced To 3 Days

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The central government has officially decided to reduce the quarantine time for international visitors to 3 days.

The coordinator of the expert team and National Covid-19 Handling Task Force’s spokesman, Wiku Adisasmito confirmed that the central government has recently revised the quarantine policy for international visitors. “Visitors who have completed their Covid-19 vaccinations are only required to undergo 3 days of quarantine,” Wiku said during a virtual press conference on Tuesday (2/11).

Wiku explained that apart from the required time in quarantine, all other entry requirements will remain the same. According to the latest Covid-19 Handling Task Force’s Decree Number 20 Year 2021, the government has made adjustments to their travel policy such as :

  • Visitors who have only received the 1st dose of Covid-19 vaccine are required to undergo 5 days of quarantine, while those who have completed their full vaccination are able to gain access after only 3 days of quarantine
  • Visitors are required to take their 2nd PCR test on the 3rd day of their quarantine

Wiku also said that this adjustment was initiated after evaluating and listening to advise from experts in regards to the current situation. Apart from that, he admitted that this revision was made after considering the Covid-19 vaccine distribution in Bali. “This decision was made after considering the Covid-19 vaccination program that has been running pretty well here, so we can begin to revive our economy,” Wiku concluded.

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Maureen Muntz

Friday 5th of November 2021

Get rid of qarantine, and this very costly visa, to much form,s to give very hard to do , if you do this peaple will come, this is just money grabbing, no one will go there good luck with all your rules


Friday 5th of November 2021

I thought you had to be fully vaccinated before travel to Bali, now they say 5 days isolation if you only have first shot, now no PCR test for Indonesian coming to Bali, ridiculous policy

Not Haole

Friday 5th of November 2021

First 8, then 5 and now 3 for fully vaccinated? Just allow only fully vaccinated in with a negative PCR test before departure and after arriving entry. International airlines won't schedule direct flights until there's interest and since non have direct flights to date no one wants to go with current restrictions. And who came up with that list of 19 countries? Russia? They have 4 times more cases than they're reporting according to BBC and CNN. Just doesn't make sense!


Friday 5th of November 2021

Indo has less than a 40% vaccination rate and allows domestic travel to Bali, yet visitors that are fully vaccinated (2 shots) coming from countries with 70%+ vaccination rates are put through a rigid obstacle course to get in and spend a few thousand dollars (USD). If my in-laws didn't live in Bali I would not travel there since there are so many other beautiful islands to visit without all of the mandates.


Thursday 4th of November 2021

Not coming until there is no quarantine requirement for vaccinated and negative test visitors. Plenty of other places to go to. You are only economically hurting your own people.