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Paul Koodravsev: Australian Man Dies In Bali After Having COVID

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An Australian man from Perth has died in Bali, three weeks after contracting COVID-19.

62-year-old Paul Koodravsev who lived in the town of Sanur, tested positive for the virus on July 25 and was admitted to the Udayana University Hospital COVID ward July 31st.

Australian man dies in bali
Paul Koodravsev, 62 (Image: Facebook)

The head of Bali Health Services, Ketut Suarjaya said the man tested positive for a second time when arriving at the hospital. 

“The cause of death was due to multi-organ failure. He was hospitalised with a positive confirmation of COVID, but also had many comorbidities,” Mr Suarjaya said.

“He was hospitalised for 18 days and died on August 16.”

from Perth, died in Bali
Paul Koodravsev, originally from Perth, died in Bali on August 16. (Image Facebook/Paul Koodravsev)

It’s understood the expat had been living in the beach community of Sanur for years and worked as an architect designing some of Bali’s most lavish villas.

Paul Koodravsev (Image: Facebook)

“A third swab at the Udayana University hospital on August 10, was negative,” concluded Ketut Suarjaya.

The first Australian to die from COVID-19 in Bali was 53-year-old David Sparenburg,  who dies after experiencing breathing difficulties.


Bali has confirmed 3644 confirmed cases of COVID-19 resulting in 48 deaths. 

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