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New Port To Be Built In Bali’s Sanur For Improved Connection To Nusa Penida

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Top officials in Bali have confirmed that they will fund a second ferry and fast boat port in the bustling resort of Sanur to help boost connectivity options for Nusa Penida and beyond.

The boat crossing between Sanur and Nusa Penida is one of the busiest waterway routes for tourists in Indonesia, and it is evident that more capacity is needed. 

Sanur Harbor in Bali.jpg

Sanur Harbour was only recently given a complete renovation, and the resort of Sanur as a whole is about to be fully unveiled with a whole new look.

With The Meru now open to guests, the Bali International Hospital set to open its doors later this year, and the ICON Bali Mall celebrating its soft launch last month, Sanur is almost unrecognizable!

With this new look Sanur and soaring demand for travel to Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan leaders are looking into ways which the can ensure this trend can continue and tourists arable to always travel quickly and efficiently between the province’s islands. 

The creation of a new port will be achieved by splitting parts of the existing Sanur Port in two. The port would then be spread across Matahari Terbit Beach and Mertasari Beach.

The Mayor of Denpasar, I Gusti Ngurah Jaya Negara, has said publicly that the separation of Sanur Port can be done if the Ministry of Transportation hands over the authority of the port to the Denpasar City Government.

The splitting and reorganizing of the port operation would make it even easier for fast boats and ferries to organize passengers by destination and travel type.

Negara explained, “People who want their trip one day, for example, they want to cross in the morning, can later be divided into two crossing locations. So it doesn’t pile up in one place.”

He is suggesting that the two different zones get used for two different types of travelers, the day trippers and day tour tourists, and then those who are making the crossing and planning on staying a night or more.

Port authorities would then be able to divide passengers by travel style and organise crossing times based on the intention of travel.

For example, tourists who are planning on making the crossing and staying in Nusa Penida overnight or more, could make the crossing at 8.30am or later, whereas day trippers need to be out on the water a little earlier in order to tick off all the activities on the itinerary. 

Negara’s wish for the Denpasar City Government to take over the authority of the port has a secondary benefit, too.

By controlling port activities, the city government would be better positioned to tackle congestion on the roads around the port and the Sanur resort.

By overseeing the whole operation, Negara feels that the Denpasar City Government could control the flow of traffic in and out of the port and around the resort in a more tragic way that benefits both tourists and the local community. 

Sanur Port is now still managed by the Ministry of Transportation and was built with a budget of IDR 398 billion from the ministry.


It is not only on the Sanur side of the crossing where leaders are keen to make improvements for tourists.

Over on Nusa Penida leaders have confirmed that they are working with a third-party service provider to establish a new e-ticketing and e-payment systems for the Nusa Penida Tourism Tax Levy. The fee, costing IDR 25,000, is a mandatory contribution from all tourists who visit the outlying islands.


At present, tourists must either pay in cash or via card, but only if the card machine is working.

Local politician I Nengah Ary Priadnya confirmed to the press this week “The purpose of implementing this electronic-based levy is to suppress leakage. We are very supportive because this can maximize PAD (Regional Original Income).”


He added, “If the levy system is already electronic, the way to monitor it (retribution) is easier. If there is more income, maybe the Tourism Office can consider adding the levy target from tourist visits to Nusa Penida.”

This, all leaders feel, will create a fairer and more efficient system for tourists, the local community, and the authorities. 

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Friday 12th of July 2024

Central gov. build and operate new Sanur port to USD 20 million.

Now Denpasar gov. will take over the operation and control the cash flow. More free money for local big wigs. Classic Indonesian power struggle about who shall control the golden goose.


Friday 12th of July 2024

How about sorting out the EXHAUSTING taxi mafia outside. It is clear tourists prefer online transport because it is safe and fair. Yet, they are not allowed inside the parking 0⃣ ne for pickup. So people must walk to main road to enter the car, which causes horrible traffic conditions.

Marc De Smet

Friday 12th of July 2024

Living close to Sanur I wonder if maybe solving the current trafic problem should not have a higher priority than increasing the trafic problem

Steve b

Friday 12th of July 2024

Does that mean mertsari pantai will be ruined for all, I mean that's been my favourite pantai for 25 years and it's a great lokal beach for real lokal people the people of bali the traditional kite flying as well. Will they fix the kaos allready created on the bypass matahari from the traffic from the port and illegal pick up drop off point blocking the bypass lanes approaching the lights?.