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New Partial Lockdown In Bali As Cases Continue To Surge

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The Bali Governor has issued a new decree for a partial lockdown of Bali after cases of COVID-19 continue to surge on the island.

Decree number 487 for the strengthening of controls and prevention of Covid-19 in Bali, was issued by the governor as a partial “step on the brakes” with the reopening of Bali. 

Bali governor

The decree details 8 critical points that the Bali government will implement in a partial lockdown of the island.

Some of the strictest measures include limiting Hindu ceremonies, encouraging all studying and worshiping to be done from home, limiting office employees to 25% and tourist attractions to 50% capacity. 


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Other measures include:

  • Government office employees will be required work from home.
  • Markets, shopping centers, restaurants, grocery stores and attractions will have crowds limited to 50% of capacity.
  • People are encourages to limit activities outside the home

covid19 test

The Bali Government also announced it will increase the medical  services to relieve stress on the health care system that is currently at capacity in parts of Bali. 

COVID-19 treatment rooms will be increased and emergency short term hospitals will be set up to handle the increasing number of patients. 

bali mask

More COVID-19 testing facilities will be set up along with an increase in contact tracing and quarantine of individuals who have come in contact with the virus. 

Head of the Bali Provincial Tourism Office, I Putu Astawa, reminded the public that tourist attractions will not be closed but instead have their capacity limited. 

“If usually, the capacity is 100 people at an attraction, the new decree will limit the attraction to only 50 people at once” Astawa said on Friday (17/9).

Governor Koster read new law

Police have also stepped up their enforcement on the mandatory use of masks in Bali. 

The health protocol justice operations team is now focusing on red zone communities where local transmission continues to grow. 

On Thursday, the health protocol team issued 8 warnings and fines at restaurants and tourist attractions in Bangli.

The health protocol enforcement teams have been set up in crowded areas across Bali.

Bangli officer, Bagus Ketut Karyawan said it’s easy to follow the protocols. 

“Use a mask, wash your hands and keep your distance.”


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