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New 5-Star Clifftop Hotel In Bali Is Setting The Bar High For Tourists 

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Tourists planning a trip to Bali in 2024 have to add Hilton’s new Umana Bali to their dream hotel list.

The brand new 72-villa sanctuary offers guests unrivaled access to the top wellness, culture, and community-based travel experiences all on offer at Ungasan’s luxurious clifftops.

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The international hotel brand Hilton is debuting their LXR Hotel and Resorts portfolio in Southeast Asia with the phenomenal Umana Bali.

In a press statement, the president of Hilton’s Asia Pacific, Alan Watts, explained “LXR Hotels & Resorts presents a tremendous opportunity for Hilton’s Asia Pacific luxury growth.”

He added, “Following the brand’s successful regional launch in Kyoto, welcoming another stunning LXR resort in Bali underscores our commitment to expanding our world-class luxury brands in the most sought-after destinations.”

Umana Bali is set to dazzle tourists and offer another hotel choice for travelers seeking a taste of the high life along the Bukit Peninsula.

Watts explained, “With its coveted location and exclusive positioning, Umana Bali is set to shape a new generation of luxury travel in Bali.”

Umana Bali is vast and beautiful. A sanctuary retreat nestled upon the clifftops of Ungasan, the hotel’s ethos is grounded in culture and community.

The whole resort has been designed around the Balinese principle of Tri Hita Karana.

This guiding vision is set to ensure that Umana Bali brings together people, nature, and spirituality across the whole of the hotel’s offerings.

As one of the world’s leading international hotel brands, Hilton has committed to ensuring sustainability is a key driving force throughout its operations.

This is no exception a Umana Bali. Throughout the property, guests are treated to decor that has been sustainably and ethically sourced from around Bali and the Indonesian archipelago. 

The resort is adorned with Javanese marble and rattan furniture, and each of the suites and villas is polished off with complementary vanity kits that are created with recycled paper made from banana leaf, delicate coconut shell boxes, and beautiful woven slippers made from intricately woven pandas and mendong fibers. 

Guests are treated to the absolute VIP treatment from the moment they arrive until the moment they say farewell.

The team at Umana Bali is thinking about their guests long before they check-in. Before guests arrive staff from Umana Bali carefully select touch points they feel their guests will love.

From a custom-curated mini bar to the iconic floating breakfast tray in the guest’s private pool, attention to detail is everything at Umana Bali. 

No five-star hotel would be complete without a five-star food service to match. Umana Bali is proudly sourcing over 80% of its fresh produce from local food procedures.

They have established their own hydroponic system where chefs and the gardening team work together to grow the best ingredients for the kitchen.

This ranges from herbs to vegetables, spices, and beyond. Nutrition and flavour are the aim of the game, and the whole menu has been paired with an incredible wine list, many of which have been sourced from within Bali. 

Guests have the opportunity to dine at Oliverra, a Mediterranean restaurant bringing European flavors to the Island of the Gods.

For those who want to deep dive into the culinary wonders of Indonesia and South East Asia, Commune prepares exceptional dishes bringing together the traditional and the innovative.


In April 2024, Umana Bali will be opening a truly unique beach lounge venue. The Uma Beach House is inspired by the beach clubs and lounges of Miami and the vibrant flavors of Peruvian food.

Overlooking the deeply sacred Melasti Beach, Uma Beach House is set to make a big splash in the Uluwatu-Ungasan beach club scene. 

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