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Michelle Heaton Collapses From ‘Severe Dehydration’ After Suffering From ‘Bali Belly’ following US$200 Sushi Meal

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Michelle Heaton has revealed she collapsed from severe dehydration after suffering from a case of ‘Bali belly’ during her luxury getaway.

The singer, 40, told her Instagram followers that she had fallen ill after dining out at a swanky sushi restaurant in the area where her meal cost US$200.

Michelle shared a selection of images from her disastrous evening, including one of her being pushed in a wheelchair and another of herself lying in bed.

MIchelle Heaton Instagram
(Image: MIchelle Heaton Instagram)

Taking to her Instagram Story, Michelle said: ‘There wouldn’t be a holiday Heaton-style unless something major happened. 

‘Last night I collapsed from severe dehydration. It just goes to show you need to drink lots of water.’  

Michelle added: ‘My problem was I had Bali belly at the same time. I was dripped up to an IV and I’m much better now.’ 

She continued by warning her fans: ‘Be careful what you eat and drink in foreign countries, especially the ice, because I was not very well at all.’

Michelle shared a picture of her drip while lying in her hotel room bed, as well as an image of her being tended to by a man who appeared to be a medic.

The next day Michelle relayed her night of horrors to her fans in a caption of one of her selfies, writing: ‘Hi crazy hair. Still probably rocking my #balibell efforts from last few days.

‘#Needtowash hair heading home soon .. few hours left! But going back with a host of ideas on what to do with my life including .. getting to grips with my hormones with @drmartinkinsella.

(Image: Michelle Heaton Instagram)

Michelle posed in front of a crystal blue pool in the picture with her arms held above her head as she faced the morning sun.

The former Liberty X band member left her brunette tresses loose with salty waves falling around her shoulders. 

The next picture showed Michelle lap up the luxury while she enjoyed a massage. She donned a flower tucked behind her ear for some feel-good holiday vibes.  

She captioned the post: ‘Can’t believe I’m here… I’m so lucky and so grateful. Today has been spent by the private pool and having the most amazing massages in the massage tree house – I even fell asleep and snored.’


michelle heaton
(Image: Michelle Heaton Instagram)

Earlier this month, the mum-of-two shared a candid snap of her by the pool with a sepia filter over it. 

She outlined her reason for wanting to visit the sanctuary including the trauma of having a double mastectomy reported the Daily Mail

She said: ‘Sometimes life can be so busy, the last 8 years have had life changing moments! some for the better #children! some for the worst #BRCA! And then we ALL have everything in between.’

She then shared a pic of her demonstrate a yoga pose alongside a caption where she outlined what she hoped to achieve from her trip. 

Michelle penned: ‘I don’t sleep well, one of the reasons I’ve came here for.. so read through the 100’s of options here covering everything from health & wellness….

‘Regression; healing; Massages; hormone balancing (very excited about this) ; excursions and activities!… 

‘The list is endless at Bliss Sanctuary for Women… so we spoke to the Bliss hostesses what we want our bliss to be!


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Source: Daily Mail