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Malaysian Drug Trafficker Caught Smuggling Narcotics In Bali

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The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) Bali Province has arrested a man with connection to an international crime and drug network in Malaysia. The suspect was caught in Badung with 100 grams of crystal meth.


Officers arrested the 46-year-old Malaysian (initialed RD) after he made his way into Bali from Guangzhou, China, making stops in Singapore and Jakarta. During an interview on Monday (30/11), the Head of BNN Bali Province, Agus Arjaya, claimed that officers had identified the suspect before he boarded the flight from Jakarta to Bali.

“The suspect was arrested at a mini-market on Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai in Kuta on Wednesday (14/11) after retrieving a package containing 100.87 grams of crystal meth from a cargo service company” stated Arjaya.


Following the arrest, officers ransacked the suspect’s residence on Puri Dawas Asri II Number 2, North Kuta in search of additional evidence.

The suspect admitted to selling meth for USD28.2 (IDR 400,000) per .2 grams. Arjaya warned him that he could possibly face 20 years imprisonment for violating the Indonesian Narcotics Constitution.

Bali police car

Officers had also arrested two more suspects with the initials KA (aged 24) and HS (aged 43) in relation to distribution of narcotics in a Bali prison cell.

Both suspects were arrested at a hotel on Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai, South Denpasar on Sunday (8/11) around 11:00 pm. “KA was involved in illegal activity while traveling to Bali from Jakarta. He was arrested with possession of 25.42 grams of narcotics as evidence” Arjaya concluded.

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