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Locals Outraged As Tourists In Bali Go Viral For Vandalism And Indecent Behavior

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Locals in Bali have expressed their disgust and outrage after two tourists have gone viral on community news sites in two separate events. 

The local news site Info Karangasem shared a video of Caucasian tourists spraying graffiti on a wall along Jalan Goad Gong in Uluwatu. The second video of a different tourist has gone viral on the Denpasar Now video news account, in which a man can be seen urinating off the side of his moped while stopped at a traffic light. The two incidences have caused outrage from locals online who are sick of seeing these all too common acts of disrespect from foreign tourists. 

The photo was taken by a local woman called Yuni Antari Ahtawrepuss who snapped the shot as she was driving past. She added her comments to the photo which read ‘Caucasians action this afternoon in the street area incline to [inform] Banjar Santhi works…he’s happy [to] find a wall that still [empty]..then he wrote like that’.

She later posted on her Instagram stories a photo of her two young sons next to the graffiti, dressed in traditional Balinese clothing. She commented ‘you know the wall wasn’t cleaned by the foreigners’.

Credit: Yuni Antari Ahtawrepuss

Local people commented on the post and shared Yuni’s outrage at the vandalism. Many left angry and face-palm emojis. One comment wrote ‘Vandalism…that has many perspectives…one of them is…activities that disturb the cleanliness of the city’s layout’ another said ‘catch him right away’. 

The tourists cannot be identified in the photo though people in the area are now on high alert to catch anyone thinking of doing the same.

The second viral video that caught the attention of local video news sites is of a tourist brazenly urinating off the side of his moped while waiting at a traffic light. The video was taken at the Sanur intersection in Denpasar. In the video, the caucasian tourists can be seen wearing a black t-shirt and a yellow motorbike helmet, 

The video was taken on the 27th of July and police are looking for the man in the video. Little else is known about the man which makes it hard for police to track him down. They do not know where he is from or where he is staying. In the video, it is hard to work out what he says to the person who was filming him. 

His actions are indeed brazen. He shows no shame as he proudly urinates off the side of his moped as traffic continues to drive around him. The Denpasar Police Traffic Unit Commissioner Ni Putu Utariani has said that his team is looking into the matter and have informed Denpasar Immigrations. ‘Progress will be announced later’ was his only other comment.

Comments on the video are almost all of disgust and anger at the man’s ‘dirty actions’. One commenter described him as an ‘exhibitionist’. Another said ‘Because law enforcement here is still considered lax, so they feel free to do whatever they want…It’s different if they are in their own country.’

There are dozens of incidences of tourists having badly that go viral on video news sites in Bali every week. Local video news sites are a form of citizen journalism in Bali, and across Indonesia, where locals snap a video and tag the relevant local news site.

This is a popular and widely spread source of news, videos like these go viral quickly and are watched by thousands of people across the island each day.

In June a video went viral of two foreigners having sex on Pererenan Beach in Canggu. Police announced that they were launching an investigation but no updates have been publicly announced since. Bali authorities have been cracking down on tourists behaving badly, including deporting tourists who posed naked for photos and videos at scared sites across the island.

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Monday 1st of August 2022

So bad that tourists can act in this way on a beautiful island and beautiful Balinese people don't want to put up with these terrible acts. It's disgusting.


Saturday 30th of July 2022

You specifically attract these kinds of tourists with the environment you are providing. Lawless bars and night clubs that have no regulations making noise all night, loud bikes, etc.. All this makes normal respectful visitor stay away and leave. Only to be replaced with bule sampah, because they love noise and trash. From Kuta to Seminyak to new Kuta (Canggu). No place in those areas for a quiet well behaving visitor, cannot sleep, meditate or just enjoy relaxing time. Thus, they go elsewhere, to another country.

Do you do anything about it? Of course not. Only creating more of these shitty lawless noisy environments, more bars and clubs which attract the lowest people.

In result only more bad tourists keep coming here, as more normal tourists will go somewhere else. All up to you locals, to change the environment.. But of course you won't do that, you don't do anything to fix problems, just whining and demanding money. Same story year after year.

Roger Thomas

Friday 29th of July 2022

Urinating at the side of the road is not confined to bules. I have lost count of the number of local people I have seen who have little alternative but to pee at the roadside. There are few facilities so what would you have them do? Wet themselves?

Circus Maximus

Friday 29th of July 2022

Not justifying any of the acts from tourists, BUT..

Somehow you come outraged only when the tourist do something, yet silence when entire areas are covered in graffiti done by non-tourists.

Plenty of times seen locals urinating right beside the road.. Haven't heard any outrage nor a comment about it at all.

I bet you would go to a tourist manhunt also if they would be on video for throwing garbage on the ground.

The list could go on and on.

Where was the outrage of robbing tourists daily for the past 2 years? Not even an apology for it. Scams continuing for now also.

The louder you yell at tourists behavior, the more should look into the mirror first. Ignoring the forest behind the trees.


Sunday 7th of August 2022

@Circus Maximus, Exactly what I was going to say, during Covid Kuta has been caoted in local grown graffiti yet no one is saying anything.

I'd never vandalize Bali or for that matter drop litter yet the locals do both in abundance.


Saturday 30th of July 2022

Correct: I have been making many noise complaints to different Bali authorities/agencies regarding a nightclub operating until 5-6am inside residential zone. Making life hell for tourists, expats and locals in the area. Despite clear laws and regulations regarding noise -- just "inspections" and "meetings" held without any change by nightclub even during peak of covid. This as club owner is well connected local. So there you have it.


Saturday 30th of July 2022

@Circus Maximus, your comments are spot on well written

Julie Gilbert

Friday 29th of July 2022

Lets hope its only a few bad apples. Lets hope Polisi find them. Awful childish behaviour