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Local Man In Bali Arrested On Drug Charges Caught Making Infused Chocolates

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Bali Police have arrested 24-year-old Ricard Fajariadi for possession of marijuana and for making marijuana-related products. Fajariadi was arrested on Friday 5th August and West Denpasar Police held a press conference on Monday 8th to share the news of his arrest. 

At the time of his arrest, Fajariadi was found in possession of 1.07kg of dried marijuana and one pack of chocolate. Police also seized chocolate products that they suspect are already infused with marijuana. During the police interrogation, Fajariadi admitted that he has been dealing marijuana for three years and that he has produced cannabis chocolate on a number of occasions.

He said that he got the idea from his brother who is currently sitting in a prison in Sumatra on similar drug charges. Local reports have suggested that the kilo of marijuana was sent to Fajariadi by his brother from prison, or that the package was organized by his brother. The police are still investigating Fajariadi’s confession and hoe the drugs were able to be sent via post.

The West Denpasar Police Commissioner, I Made Hendra Agustina described the scene at Fajariadi’s house at the time of his arrest. ‘In the perpetrator’s room there were also two liters of soaked marijuana stems with alcohol. Later the marinade was mixed with chocolate and refrozen and sent out of town. So this [concoction] will be turned into chocolate for consumption’

Commissioner Agustina shared more insight as to Fajariadi’s plans for the packages ‘This large package of marijuana (weighing 1.07 kg) will be broken up and distributed according to orders. He has been circulating this dried marijuana for three years. While this chocolate marijuana is a new mode. How to make chocolate marijuana is guided by his brother over the phone. The effect is the same as marijuana’ The products have been seized by Bali Police.

Police were made aware of Fajariadi’s dealings after public information led them to his door. Police were alerted to a suspicious package that was sent from Sumatra via a courier. The Police followed the courier to Padangsambian Kelod Village in West Denpasar District.

Upon raiding the home police initially found three small bags of marijuana ready for distribution. They then discovered the package containing the 1.07kg of marijuana as well as a large electric scale, a bucket with leaves soaking in arak.

Although the investigation is ongoing police have charged Fajariadi. Agustina said ‘The suspect is charged with Article 111 paragraph 1 and Article 114 paragraph 1 of Law Number 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics, with a threat of 5 years in prison’.

It seems that he has admitted to selling marijuana but claims that the chocolate is not for trade. Fajariadi is reported to have said ‘This processed product is not traded. I sent it to my sister. I have processed chocolate mixed with marijuana three times’.

Despite marijuana being legalized in some parts of the world, Indonesia remains firm in its zero tolerance of drugs, including marijuana. Tourists are reminded that Indonesian authorities have a tough stance on drugs. In the past, people have been arrested for traveling with hemp massage oil, or a t-shirt with a marijuana leaf on it.

Others have been arrested for CDB products and more recently an American living in Kuta was arrested for being in possession of what is believed to be seven bottles of cannabis vape e-liquid. In the eyes of Indonesian law, there is no difference between THC and CBD-based cannabis products and being caught in possession of either, or cannabis paraphernalia can also result in arrest.

Last week Denpasar Police raided the home of a Californian man living in Kuta known only by his initials JPC. Police were also alerted to this property after a suspicious package came into Bali from Thailand. The parcel had only an address and no named addressee. Police found seven bottles of ‘suspected marijuana liquid’ at the property and arrested JPC on drug charges. 

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Friday 12th of August 2022

Probably get 12 years, whilst the girl who murdered her mother and stuffed her in a suitcase only got 5. Indonesia needs to differentiate and stop classing marijuana like heroin and other hard drugs. I get they have a no tolerance to drugs policy and we should respect local customs and laws, but there missing some common sense on this issue.

Paul Speirs

Wednesday 10th of August 2022

I bet that tastes good


Wednesday 10th of August 2022

Ooooft, seems like the police and politicians as a whole are in desperate need of an education. THC...Cannabis is the plant that gets you "High", whereas CBD is totally different, it's a Hemp Plant that contains NO THC and is primarily used for cloth making and medical uses. Medical uses are the popular Gummies used for breathing problems and many other medical uses. I, myself use them for breathing problems and they really help. Doesn't matter how many you take, you will not get High since they don't contain any THC. The cough meds that you buy legally in Indonesia contain more narcotics than any THC, think about it!

Wayan Bo

Wednesday 10th of August 2022

Should be offered and served in Amsterdam’s coffee shops, because in Amsterdam it’s legal.

Wayan Bo

Wednesday 10th of August 2022

Send them immediately to California to develop his business.