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Local Leaders Want To Improve Bali’s German Beach As Visitor Numbers Rise

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Bali’s Pantai Jerman was surprisingly busy this weekend. As the island heads deeper into low season, many of the island’s most popular beaches are steadily becoming less crowded. This was not the case for Pantai Jerman in South Kuta, which was buzzing with tourists over the weekend.

Panati Jerman in South Kuta Bali

Though heavy downpours caused flash flooding in many parts of the weekend, Sunday in South Kuta was relatively dry and sunny. The sea was calm and blue, and the clouds were far on the horizon. This led many local residents to head to Pantai Jerman for a family day out. One beach visitor, Ketut Erawati, told reporters that the Triratna Amreta Bhuwana Statue was what piqued her interest in bringing her family to the beach for the day.


Absen dulu dong yang udah pernah foto di sekitar Patung Triratna Amreta Bhuwana di Pantai Jerman-Bali ini

♬ How You Like That (Remix Asik) – Adi

Erawati said, “The beach is nice. The sand is white and clean. The waves are also calm, so it’s suitable if you want to take the children to bathe. Then there is a new statue here, so you want to come here.” The calm and clean waters and sunny weather made it perfect for paddling. Bali local Ratna Ningsih, 22, told reporters that she was visiting Pantai Jerman for the first time, despite living just down the road in Uluwatu. She explained, “This is the first time I’ve come here because I saw it on social media because it was so crowded, so I just sat here taking pictures.”

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@odikabayu Sunsetan disini kuyy ✨ 📍 Pantai Jerman #bali #sunset #beach ♬ suara asli – cintatulusm

Like many local beaches, Pantai Jerman is lined with cold drink stalls and traditional warungs. There are a few international cafes like La Cinthaloka, Ma Joly, and the aptly named Pantati, all offer menus catering to western and Indonesian tastes. Panati Jerman is free to enter, though parking costs IDR 2,000 for motorcycles and IDR 5,000 for cars.

Surfers Leave Water At Panati Jerman Bali

As Pantai Jerman is picking up interest from local tourists during the down season, local leaders are making plans to ‘tidy up’ the beach area. Panati Jerman is famous for its fishing heritage and, for decades, has been lined with moored fishing boats on the sand. Now, as a part of the upgrade to Samigita Beach, the fishing boat moorings on Pantai Jerman will be rearranged. This is so that local leaders can make more available space on the beach for visitors.


Speaking to reporters, the Badung Regional Secretary Wayan Adi Arnawa said, “We want to comply with the Regent’s orders, and at the same time, we want to organize the fishing boats that were previously chaotic to make them tidier.” He urged that there are no plans to get rid of the famous fishing boats nor to make life more difficult for local fishermen.


In a separate interview, community leader Mangku Nyoman Budiartha from Banjar Segara Kuta said that the local fishing groups are coordinating with the Regent Secretary to relocate the boat moorings. He confirmed that local fishermen are on board with the idea, and that they also want to see Pantai Jerman look tidier.

He added, “We do have a plan to organize, and we have agreed on that. So we want the place to be better, with piles neatly arranged, not as chaotic as it is now. So we really welcome the structuring plan from Pak Regional Secretary.”


Budiartha continued to explain that some fishing boats are moored at sea and that only a small proportion are moored on the beach. However, due to the recent heavy winds and overall bad weather, more boats had been moved onto the shore.

He concluded, “There are several places that will be prepared, this of course still needs further discussion in the future. We really appreciate the concern of the Badung Regency Government for the condition of our fishermen group. We are very grateful for the attention and what the local government has prepared so far because the facilities on the Jerman coast are much better.”

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Tuesday 14th of February 2023

The "Local Leaders" are preoccupied with non-important tasks like "beautification" of beaches and other image building activities.

The big problem right now is that Suwung landfill is not receiving trash trucks, so now the trash is overflowing at the local temporary "sorting" stations affecting Denpasar and Badung.

Just google "Sampah Meluber TPS Denpasar" and have a look at the photos. Warning: Do not do this before a meal!

So please enjoy the holiday, but be aware that the trash you leave behind is a major health and environmental issue in South Bali!

Wayan Bo

Tuesday 14th of February 2023

Why is it named Pantai Jerman?