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Local Bali Produce Will Be Used As Welcome Fruit For Hotels

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To promote the agricultural products from local farmers, Buleleng and the Badung Regional Government have agreed to serve local fruits as welcome fruit in accommodation businesses.

Buleleng Regent, Putu Agus Suradnyana said that he wants to improve farmer’s quality of life by helping them promote their produce products in the tourism industry.

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He communicated his plan to Badung Regent, I Nyoman Giri Prasta who said he will also be implementing the program.

Both Regents are working together to create regulations for the new program that will ensure only high quality local produce is presented at hotels. 

“We have to create a balance between supply and demand. I really support to develop a new technology to grow organic fruits, but if they have no idea where to distribute their products it would be a waste” Suradnyana said.

Meanwhile Giri Prasta agreed to start encouraging other districts in Bali to have the same vision. “If we could fulfill our demand with our local fruits to the accommodation businesses in Bali, we can stop importing them from elsewhere,” Giri Prasta said.

Prasta said that the Covid-19 Pandemic would be a turning point for Bali people to start consuming their own products and restart the economy. “For now our duty is to communicate this program to Bali Provincial Government, so they would consider to make a regulation regarding this vision” Giri Prasta concluded.

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