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Little Improvements Make A Big Difference For Tourists On Bali’s Kuta Beach

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Bali’s Kuta Beach is undergoing a serious revival in popularity. The destination was Bali’s first major beach resort, but over the years as new destinations evolved, Kuta Beach started to feel a little forgotten.

Now, leaders in the area are making both big and little changes to keep Kuta Beach as enjoyable as ever for tourists from all over the world. 

Surfboards on Kuta Beach.jpg

This week leaders in Kuta have revealed that they will be working with beach vendors to clean up the appearance of the surf shacks and beach bars that line the sand.

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The surf schools that line Kuta Beach are known to be some of the best in the country, but there is one small issue that has been a cause for concern for tourists and community leaders alike.

Leaders are concerned that all the drying wetsuits, rash vests, and bathing suits have become an eyesore on Kuta Beach.

This, along with other issues like trash, and the condition of the surf shacks, has all become a focal point for local leaders. 

Tourism management teams in Kuta Beach are working on improving conditions for tourists around the resort in big and small ways.

There are huge renovations happening on the famous beach wall, and earlier this year, a new skatepark and adventure playground area, along with new picnic tables, were opened for the public to enjoy.

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There are regular beach clean-up operations to remove the trash that gets washed up on the shoreline, and increased police patrols during the high season have helped tourists feel safer during their vacation.

The Head of the Customary Village of Kuta, I Wayan Wasista, has shared why surf shops have been the latest business to clean up their act in the popular vacation hotspot. 

Wasista said that the hundreds of drying surf clothes left to hang around Kuta Beach were becoming unsightly and not in alignment with the management guidelines and vision for Kuta as a tourist destination. 

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He explained, “It is not very beautiful if tourists who enjoy the beauty of the beach are presented with views of clothes being dried in the sun. Moreover, this was [mostly] done at the skatepark fence, which is the new attraction of Kuta Beach. “

Wasista continued, “I also appreciate the traders who reported this because it means they care about Kuta Beach. Apart from being warned, we will direct them to the village office to be given guidance so they don’t repeat their actions.”


Moving forward, surf shops will not be allowed to dry their rental gear in public areas and will be encouraged to invest in drying racks that can be installed in areas away from public view.

Kuta Beach management teams have taken the complaints about the drying clothes incredibly seriously.

Teams confiscated the clothes that were hanging out in public areas and only returned the items when the surf shop owners apologized and confirmed that they would not do it again.


It is clear that teams in charge of Kuta Beach as a tourist destination are taking a proactive role in ensuring the area continues on this upward trajectory of popularity.

Last week community leaders confirmed that they had responded to a series of noise complaints about a number of late-night bars and clubs in the area. 


Speaking on behalf of the Kuta Traditional Village, Putu Adnyana said that mitigation meetings had been held with venues in Kuta and said that the rules around noise levels and closing times had been reiterated and received. 

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Saturday 19th of August 2023

I went down to Kuta beach to inspect and look for myself; 1. Beach crowded. Not by tourists, but hawkers selling drinks, tat, massage, surf lessons etc. 2. Hawkers have taken over both sides of the walk path area, covered by stalls, plastic chairs and parasols (umbrellas). No longer possible to view the ocean from the walkpath. 3. Thousands of motorbikes take up all parking. I guess 95% belonging to locals. Not possible to tourists to arrive and park their car. 4. New wall along beach is in progress. Looking at materials used including tiles (not stones), I guess it will look real shit in around 5 years and a new "project" will be awarded. 5. Beachwalk mall look really tired. Renovations ongoing. 6. Away from the beachside it is a lot of ugly and derelict buildings, damaged sidewalks and dodgy characters offer to sell forbidden stuff.

I cannot believe people travel from overseas to "holiday" in Kuta. But who I to judge.

carol strathdeeCarol strathdee

Friday 18th of August 2023

Clean up the ocean and that will bring people back I’ve been coming to Bali since 1977 and I now won’t go in the water. Very sad to see. Everything else is fine

petter gleeson

Friday 18th of August 2023

the most unsightly of all is the wooden sheds along the beachfront,they look like dunnys,yuck

Paul Morris

Monday 21st of August 2023

@petter gleeson, Couldn’t agree more, lots of them are already starting to fall to bits just cheap crap.

Wayan Bo

Friday 18th of August 2023

MEG Beach.


Friday 18th of August 2023

Quote "Teams confiscated the clothes that were hanging out in public areas and only returned the items when the surf shop owners apologized and confirmed that they would not do it again."

Can this team come to South Denpasar and confiscate all the noisy motorbikes racing like crazy and catch all the people burning their trash?