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Late Night Police Patrols Find Bali’s Canggu To Be Safe For Tourists

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Police in Bali’s booming tourism resort of Canggu have conducted Blue Light Patrols every Saturday night since the peak season began.

These new Blue Light Patrols will continue throughout the high season to help give tourists, locals, and business owners peace of mind during the busiest nights of the week. 

Batu Bolong Canggu Bali

Bali Police are conducting Blue Light patrols around the North Kurt area, with a strong focus on the ultra-busy tourism resort of Canggu.

This operation aims to help prevent crime in these areas and reassure locals, tourists, and business owners that security support is always around the corner. 

Speaking to the media, the Head of the Blue Light Patrol Operation, AKP Budiarta, said that as state officials, police work such as patrols must be carried out to the highest standard so that the public feels safe and comfortable and can safely move around the area.

AKP Budiarta explained that patrol activities will continue to anticipate crime in the North Kuta area. He said, “Let us carry out this task with full sincerity and a sense of responsibility as members of the National Police.”

The Blue Light Patrol was carried out this weekend in the Canggu and Seminyak areas. The patrol’s target included Jalan Raya Petitenget in the heart of Seminyak.

The security personnel even visited nightlife and hotel venues directly. Police officers also advised security guards who were privately employed at entertainment venues to keep the peace and conveyed to them security and social security protocols and support. 

Patrols were also carried out on vulnerable routes around the Petitenget-Sunset Road-Jalan Raya Seminyak and onwards to the roads surrounding Berawa Beach. The previous two Blue Light Patrols have focused exclusively on Canggu.

AKP Budiarta said, “Astungkara, the situation is safe and conducive, and there were no people suspected of being criminals or young people involved in illegal racing.”

Safety and security in Canggu is a hot topic for leaders in the North Kuta area. On Friday, the 5th of July, the Head of the North Kuta Police Linmas Unit, Iptu AA Ngurah Sudyastika, spoke to the local community in Canggu about the importance of taking a collaborative approach to keeping law and order in tourism spaces in Canngu.

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Linmas, short for ‘perlindungan masyarakat,’ are teams of local security officers from each administrative village in Indonesia. The phrase literally translates to society protection, and officers are a form of civil defense.

During the meeting, Sudyastika invited Linmas to increase patrol activities with supporting security agencies on tourism routes and areas at certain hours to minimize criminal acts in the Canggu Village area.


He said, “All of this will be realized if joint patrol activities, both day and night, are carried out consistently. Working together and working together so that Canggu Village remains safe and worthy of being visited by foreign and domestic tourists.”

Police Car Blue Light.jpg

Compared to many tourism resorts and tourism hotspots around the world, Canggu is incredibly safe.

However, police, local communities, and tourists have noticed that there has been a slight increase in antisocial behavior in the area in recent months by both badly behaved tourists and local criminals. 

Leaders in Bali want to ensure that tourists who visit the island behave in a culturally respect way, even when enjoying tourism offerings that are not rooted in Balinese culture.

For example, leaders want to ensure that tourists are not getting into brawls in the street after leaving nightlife and entertainment venues, are dressing appropriately, and driving safely. Similarly, they want tourists to feel safe and want to ensure that criminals are not operating in tourism areas, too. 


The Blue Light Patrols have now been running for two weeks, and police have not reported finding any issues during their operations.

Speaking to the press on the 1st of July, the North Kuta Police Chief AKP Muhammad Disky Fernandez said, “We want to ensure that there are no criminal acts that could disturb the comfort of the community in the jurisdiction of the North Kuta Police,”

“With good cooperation between the police, night entertainment managers, and the community, we can create a safe and comfortable environment for all.”

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Steve b

Tuesday 9th of July 2024

Why don't they round up all the Mafia and drug peddlers around all the venues and night spots loitering around outside


Thursday 11th of July 2024


There's a great old USA saying... The person who wanted to maintain the status quo or revert to yesteryear was run over by a Model T Ford.


Thursday 11th of July 2024


Do you know of, or have information why the new ownership/management of Akasaka are likely to be involved in the drug trade? Do you make the same imputations for the many other well patronised clubs? Do you realise the major drug scene is not at these places but on the street with locals as the target market? Why don't you accept and realise the next generation want different things to us reminiscing old farts. It's their world.


Thursday 11th of July 2024

@Steve b,

And Exp. Come to many Sydney clubs. Most patrons and staff know how to hook up. Raids if they occur. It snows on the floor and the toilets are blocked.


Wednesday 10th of July 2024

@Steve b, To make it worse now they have allowed the infamous and huge Akasaka nightclub in Denpasar to re-open after 7 years closure. Raided for drugs in 2017 (found 19,000 ecstasy pills) and prominent Bali politician and brother was arrested and jailed for drug trafficking.

Exactly the type of venue Bali need to drive the development of their next generation.



Tuesday 9th of July 2024

"AKP Budiarta said, the situation is safe and conducive, and there were no people suspected of being criminals."

Oh great for Canggu. I probably spend cash equivalent to 50 or more tourists per year but still live like a dog here in south Denpasar with threats of violence from locals and authorities looking away. Will soon have to leave this gangster dense area.


Friday 12th of July 2024


Don't blame others because you made a decision which led to your whinge.


Friday 12th of July 2024


If you are spending that much money and living in those perceived circumstances, then you, not the location are the problem.


Thursday 11th of July 2024


Leaving South Denpasar? Great! I look forward to reading the positive, how great it is for your new place, instead of the brain numbing, repetitive whinges and criticisms of your current.