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Japanese Tourist Dressed As Ultraman Joins Beach Cleaning Mission In Bali

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There is a saying that we should leave a place better than we found it. One Japanese tourist in Bali has taken the phrase to heart and has taken it upon himself to help clear up the tides of plastic waste that have washed up on Bali’s southern beaches. Suzuki Hiromas decided to dress up as Ultraman and help the community clean up plastic waste and raise awareness of the issue.


Speaking to reporters, Hiromas said, “I wear this Ultraman costume to motivate the public and visitors or tourists to help clean up the beach. We go to Bali every rainy season, like November, even twice a year. We come here specifically to help clean up trash on the beach, especially trash sent like in Kuta”. As an environmental activist in his home, Hiromas has made a positive impression in Bali. 

Local surfer Putu Bagus Ucup told reporters that the support from Ultraman made a big difference. He said, “his presence helps us too. It’s good and more attractive because we saw a superhero like this when we were little. Ultraman used to be like my favorite hero“. It was not only local surfers and Hiromas who have been out cleaning the beaches. Bali authorities are leading the operation to clean up the tides of garbage on Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak Beaches.

The Badung Environment and Sanitation Service (DLHK) has been working since the 21st of December to keep on top of the swathes of trash washing up on shore. The Head of Badung DLHK’s Cleanliness and Management of Hazardous and Toxic Materials, AA Gede Agung Dalem, noted that the recent storms and heavy rains had not made it any easier to clear the trash from the beach.

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@sungaiwatch Once again, Bali’s beaches are covered in plastic 😰 We will be cleaning this up over the next few days. Come help us if you can! #sungaiwatch ♬ original sound – Sungai Watch

Dalem explained, “Garbage has reappeared in large quantities during the extreme weather that has occurred in the last few days. But we have paid attention to it”. The DLHK has deployed over 300 staff to clean up the beaches across Badung and has supplied seven diggers and excavators to help move the masses of garbage. Dalem shared that 56 tonnes of waste have been removed from the Kuta area over the last three days. In total, 98 tons have been removed in the last week.


By Wednesday evening, 15 trucks of waste had been removed from Kuta Beach, a further eight from Camplung Beach, and five from Legian Beach. The colossal amount of garbage on the beaches I not only affecting tourists visiting Bali but local residents’ normal daily routines too. Dr. Panudiana Kuhn, who visits Kuta Beach most days for exercise, says that although she is used to the sight of trash on the beach, more needs to be done.

She explained, “I am a Kuta person who already knows and is used to it. Foreign tourists or domestic tourists are sure to be surprised at how dirty it is. This is almost 600 tons of garbage sent every year; the local government budget must be increased to clean this up; even though it is cleaned in the morning, it comes again at night, there is more”. She shared that she is concerned that the unsightly scenes at the beach would promote a negative image on social media and tarnish the tourism sector.


One visitor to Bali from Jakarta, Muhammad Ali, told reports that the sight of the polluted beaches is uncomfortable for tourists who want to enjoy a beach holiday. Ali explained, “it’s uncomfortable, but what can we do? We accept this situation. But the hope is for the local government and the community to come down and work together to clean it up together.

The issue of plastic pollution in Bali is never far from public conversation. Earlier this year, Indonesia’s Former Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Susi Pudjiastuti, tabled an idea to the media. She called on the government to develop a specialist, full-time task force in Bali to deal with the ocean plastic that washes up on the island’s beaches.

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Saturday 7th of January 2023

How about address the source of the issue? You can keep mopping the floor but if you leave the tap running, it will be an infinite exercise.

Education, action and awareness in all of the Indonesian islands. Your lands are beautiful and you need to treasure your oceans.


Saturday 31st of December 2022

Very good Ultraman... We should all follow your example. Let's be clean!!! Love mother earth


Saturday 31st of December 2022

C’mon people of Bali and Indonesia, let’s be upfront , fulsome and honest. The garbage flows down from hillside villages…when monsoon rains flood down, all of it…every monsoon , from November to late May…period. This isn’t ‘ocean waste’, climate change or space junk. This is local Bali people being lazy and extremely unhygienic, full stop. If you want clean beach and good publicity, stop the hillside village garbage dumping.


Monday 2nd of January 2023

@Jwest, Exactly, start with the sources


Friday 30th of December 2022

A worthless public display is all it is. Tell Susi to contact the education system and teach the children how to deal with their waste. Seems like everyone here is too important to clean up after themselves.


Saturday 31st of December 2022

Correct, there is lack of investment in building character into children here. These days if I politely ask some youngsters to refrain from revving their engines outside my villa, they will not apologize and obey. No, instead I'm facing menacing threats. Seems like thug behavior is part of curriculum.


Friday 30th of December 2022

The man shall be commended for his effort.

Unfortunately, tomorrow the beach will be full of trash again. It is about time the higher ups start to think the big picture how to prevent the trash ending up on the beaches in the first place!

1. Stop selling drinks on plastic bottles. Replace with aluminum cans and glass. 2. Introduce paid recycling. Add a fee on all plastic sold that is later refunded when same plastic is returned for recycling. This will make extra income for low income groups collecting plastic. 3. Recycle center in each village. 4. Free trash collection for lower income, subsidized by higher income. 5. Enforce plastic ban which will help alternatives to develop into economic businesses. 6. Etc etc