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International Tourist Arrivals To Bali Reaches 1.4 Million But Many Areas Still Quiet

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The Central Statistics Office has released the latest figures for tourism in Bali. Data reveals that Bali welcomed over 1.4 million international tourists from January to the end of October 2022. The Head of the Central Statistics Agency for Bali Province, Hanif Yahya, told reports that the data shows the numbers and the demographics of travelers visiting the Island of the Gods. 

Ariel View Of Quiet Bali Beach.

Yahya said, “Foreign tourists who came directly to Bali Province in October 2022 recorded 305,244 visits, an increase of 4.84 percent compared to the previous month period, which recorded 291,162 visits”. Interestingly, this new data doesn’t include the huge influx in arrivals for the G20 Summit that happened in November. With this in mind, it can be confidently stated that Bali has surpassed tourism targets for 2022. Data for November will be released in December and for December in the New Year. 

Tourists Play On Padang Padang beach in Bali

Shortly after borders reopening in February this year, Minster for Tourism and Creative Economies Sandiaga Uno, set Bali a target of welcoming 1.5 million international visitors and 7 million domestic tourists. It has also been confirmed that I Guate Ngurah Rai International Airport welcomed 9,569,494 passengers by the end of October. This was made up of 6,358,071 domestic journeys, 3,145,526 international journeys, and a further 65,867 passengers who simply transited through Bali Airport

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Beachwalk in Sanur By Tourist Hotel Resort

Yahya confirmed that Australians remain the most frequent international visitors to Bali, making up 28.18% of all foreign arrivals. They were closely followed by travelers from India, the UK, and the U.S. Travelers from Russia ranked tenth on the most frequent arrivals list making up 3% of international visitors. A total of 119,978 Indian citizens visited Bali and 95,988 Brits. 

Families Play On Sanur Beach In Bali

All these visitors had an impact on the local economy in one way or another. Yahya shared details of hotel occupancy, another important measure of the impact of tourism in Bali. “The Room Occupancy Rate (TPK) for star [rated] hotels in October 2022 was recorded at 46.28 percent, down as deep as 0.17 points when compared to September 2022”. Yet, non-star hotels, like small independent guesthouses and B&Bs, had an average hotel occupancy of 22.98%. This data is taken from all-star and non-star hotels across Bali.


While the hotel occupancy rates appear low, they are averaged across the province. Areas like Ubud, Canggu, and Nusa Dua are experiencing much fuller hotel occupancy on a consistent basis. This is excellent news, but many hotels in East, North, and West Bali remain in a state of turmoil as travelers are slow to return to the already lesser-visited areas of the island.

This hasn’t stopped hotels in East Bali from sharing their optimism, however. Hoteliers in Karangasem Regency told reporters that they are counting on last-minute bookings from international tourists over the Christmas and New Year holidays to give revenue a boost. 

Temple In Karangasem Regency In Bali.

This year was always set to be a year of recovery for Bali. As international borders around the world slowly opened up, Bali has been mindful that pre-pandemic arrival numbers would be hard to attain overnight. As the mainstay of the local economy, it is vitally important the tourism revenue returns to Bali so that communities can survive. Indonesia has announced a series of initiatives that are hoped to encourage more people to visit the county, especially tourism hotspots like Bali. 


The much anticipated digital nomad visa was announced this year. The B211A socio-cultural visa allows digital nomads and other travelers to reside in Bali for up to six months tax-free. The Department of Immigration has also announced the launch of the new second-home visa.

Valid for ten years, the visa category is aimed at encouraging high earners, skilled entrepreneurs, and retirees to set up a base in Indonesia. The second home visa has been condemned as exclusionary by some who say that the need to show a bank balance of over USD 130,000 won’t help many small businesses in Bali in a direct way. 

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Wayan Bo

Monday 5th of December 2022

Bali is becoming architectural nightmare, it’s more or less slum look. - Kuta beach becoming unbelievable ugly too.

Daren Saunders

Monday 5th of December 2022

Drop the vaccination mandates and maybe they’ll get those numbers back to where they should be . Rather support Thailand who are cheaper to get to and restriction free .


Monday 5th of December 2022

2nd home visa requirement of $130k is outright rediculus for retirees from the USA who already get paid higher government social security than high paid Indonesian government employees. Average retirement pay is $1500 per month which can be direct deposited to BCA or whomever bank. If I had $130.000 in the bank and getting $1500 per month Social Security why would I want to move to a 3rd world country? Think about it! Just have these people show a steady income from whoever of minimum $1000 per month and issue the 2nd home visa. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Bali would get many more US citizens to move to Bali and open small businesses to keep themselves occupied. Follow Costa Rica's example, many American retirees living there.


Wednesday 7th of December 2022

The $130,000 shall be deposited in a state owned bank in Rupiah 2 Milyar and frozen until departure. All to the benefit of Indonesia:

1. Secure influx of foreign funds 2. The bank will then be able to lend out this 2 Milyar at a much high interest rate than the deposit interest rate. 3. The Gov. will tax the interest rate.

The owner of the original $130,000 can look forward to:

1. Depreciation if Rupiah weaken further 2. Modest income from compounded interest (if any). 3. Opportunity loss as money instead could have been invested into more "profitable" ventures, stocks, etc. 4. Risk of having money deposited in an Indonesian bank (1998 financial crisis with a large number of banks going down).


Monday 5th of December 2022

They would have more visitors if they would stop checking the vaccination status of tourists.

Neil gill

Sunday 4th of December 2022

Attract tourist like Thialand 45 free visa on arrivals and get your air fares down and you will double tourism that will double the income and economy. Again look at the second home policy in Malaysia and learn how many retires from Australia are now in Malaysia... I had stated this before I was going to Jogja in September but the price to Jogja return to Bali was double the price of me going to Vietnam return. So again we are now going to Vietnam, Thailand And K.L at the end of December for about the price to go to Jogja return. Please help your selves and wake up and act quickly you are, also loosing International plus internal travellers.


Sunday 4th of December 2022

Do we want more tourists here in Bali?