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Hydrogen Planes Will Soon Be Flying Tourists Around Bali

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Bali will soon be home to a fleet of hydrogen airplanes that will be used to help ‘boost’ tourism in the province.

In a new partnership between Sirius Aviation AG and the PARQ Development Group based in Ubud, the mission from ground control is to bring sustainable travel to the airways. 

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PARQ Development’s current work on the island will be most familiar to Bali lovers through the PARQ Ubud apartment complex, social club, wellness center, and restaurant hub located between central Ubud and Tegallalang.

The group also has PARQ Blue, a development underway in Ungasan, close to Uluwatu. Many more projects are in the pipeline. 

Soho Surfside will be a series of luxury units with private access to Suluban Beach on the Bukit Peninsula. PARQ Citadel is touted to become the ‘safest place in Bali’ with a ‘Fort Knox’ level of security for a complex built in the image of the ancient cities of France and Italy.

All villas will have an ocean view, and there will be a beach club feel to a gated community complex. 

PARQ Development has teamed up with Sirius Aviation AG as part of a USD 50 million deal to invest in fast-tracking sustainable aviation solutions in the province.

As part of the new deal, PARQ Development will become guardians to a total of ten hydrogen airlines that are set to change aviation and sustainable tourism in Bali forever. 

PARQ Development says, “[our] projects are points of attraction within the island. Our Complexes are places of maximum concentration of people, energy, intelligence, creativity, aesthetics, opportunity, and money in Bali.”

As part of this new venture, PARQ will receive five Sirius Business Jets and five Sirius Millennium Jets. The jets are technically referred to as hydrogen-powered vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) jets.

As part of the deal, five vertiports and five hydrogen generators will also be created in Bali. Vertiports are the take off and landing pads used by the aircraft since no runway is needed.

The Sirius Jet is the first hydrogen-powered regional VTOL aircraft. Sirius Aviation AG say “The Sirius Business Jet is geared toward luxury private fliers, with space for up to three passengers.

The craft will be able to cruise for up to 1,150 miles at speeds of up to 323 mph and altitudes of 30,000 feet. In addition, it promises ultra-low noise levels of just 60 decibels.”

Alex Popov, the CEO of Sirius Aviation AG, told reporters, “Our partnership marks the dawn of a new era for Bali and its surrounding islands, emphasizing zero-emission tourism, sustainable development, and regional economic growth.”

He added, “With PARQ’s tailored route planning and outstanding support services, we’re setting a new standard.”

Andre Frey, the founder of PARQ Development, said, “Uniting with Sirius Aviation AG, we’re crafting a new era for Bali tourism – zero carbon footprints in the sky and unforgettable journeys on the ground.”

The whole deal is still in the balance, and certification is still in the pipeline. Leasing the jets and developing supporting infrastructure will cost PARQ Development USD 65,000 a month.

The deal is in place for five years, and PARQ is targeting USD 180,000 in monthly revenue from the new initiative. 

Establishing more sustainable tourism in Bali is a mission shared by many local communities, business leaders, and tourists.

However sustainable hydrogen power may be, there are undoubtedly those who feel a project such as this is overlooking essential sustainable developments that Bali urgently needs support to create both local people and the good of the tourism industry.

Nevertheless, with predictions of USD 180,000 a month in revenue, PARQ’s ambitious plans are clearly based on the every-growing demand for travel and luxury lifestyle experiences in Bali.

At present private helicopter tours are the only way to experience Bali, the Nusa Islands and parts of Lombok and the Gili Island by air. These experiences come with a premium price tag and receive high demand from tourists. 

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Sunday 7th of April 2024

As a retired commercial pilot who has been involved with many start ups in aviation, and a few in Indonesia, this is so far fetched it makes me wonder what they are smoking or snorting. Absurd.


Monday 8th of April 2024

@Ed, Astute observation.


Saturday 6th of April 2024

Hard to believe the Balinese people will benefit from it…


Sunday 7th of April 2024


We'll never know. The VTOL has been scrapped and even if, repeat if the other hydrogen fueled planes got regulatory approval they'd have to use existing airfields.


Saturday 6th of April 2024

@Onim, Probably not. Hydrogen production and storage is a big hazard even in small quantities. Even small leaks easily end up with detonation and damage in a large radius.

Lucy intheknow

Saturday 6th of April 2024

Another pipe dream brought to you by Grifters and carpet baggers who are destroying Bali


Saturday 6th of April 2024

More Bullshit! Lmao!

Wayan Bo

Friday 5th of April 2024

Hydrogen vehicles would solve not only the air pollution problem. - Anyway it’s long existing dream of flying cars, they should already be available many decades ago.