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Hospital In Bali Starts Treating Patients In The Lobby Due To Overcapacity

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Karangasem Public Hospital has started to treat their patients in the lobby due to the surge of Covid-19 cases in the Karangasem area.

The Director of the Karangasem Public Hospital, Dr, I Wayan Suardana confirmed that the hospital management has decided to treat regular patients in the lobby in order to separate them from Covid-19 patients. “This decision was made to prevent creating Covid-19 transmissions to the regular patients in our hospital as our Emergency Room is almost full with suspected Covid patients.” Dr. Suardana said on Monday (26/7).

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(Image: ©The Bali Sun – I Wayan Yatika)

Suardana explained that the hospital was forced to take this step as Covid-19 cases began to surge since the beginning of July 2021. “From previously providing only 68 beds for Covid patients, we decided to add 25 more beds as cases surge, and 90% of them are currently occupied.” Dr. Suardana added. He also said that all of the Covid patients with heavy symptoms must be treated in the emergency room in order to receive proper medical treatment.

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Suardana hopes that the current implementation of the level 4 partial lockdown could reduce Covid-19 transmissions in Karangasem, so the hospital can continue being able to receive patients who require medical attention. “We have just received another 20 more suspected Covid-19 patients today, and we’re still waiting for the result from the PCR test before relocating them to a special room for the treatment. Despite preparing another 40 beds and all the equipment as a preventative step, we still hope that the Covid-19 transmissions will stop surging in the near future.” Dr. Suardana concluded.

Officials from the Denpasar city government have confirmed that 52.55% of Denpasar residents have been vaccinated.

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