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French National Arrested In Bali For Robbery Of Local Minimart

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A French national in Bali has been arrested by police after raiding an Alfamart with a crowbar and stealing IDR 35 million (USD 2,295) in cash. The man, who is known by his initials JRM, was apprehended by South Kuta Police after he raided the Alfamart mini supermarket on Jalan Kurusetra in the resort area of Benoa.

Eyewitnesses raised the alarm after they spotted a suspicious individual running out of the store towards nearby bushes while carrying bags. It has been reported that witnesses JRM was chased by Benoa residents and tackled to the ground. The local community then opened the bags and found that the bags contained packets of cigarettes, drinks, and cases to the tune of IDR 35,380,000. The incident was immediately reported to South Kuta Police, who attended the scene as quickly as possible.

The incident took place in the early hours of Monday, 23rd February. Police have revealed how JRM lurked outside the store, slipped inside as staff was closing up, and remained still as staff locked up and left the premises. JRM is believed to have used a crowbar to gain access to the area where the cash was stored and to subsequently make his escape from the closed store.

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In a press conference, the Head of Public Relations of the Denpasar Police AKP I Ketut Sukadi revealed further details of the crime. He said, “The suspect admitted to acting alone. The trick is, before the store closes, it is difficult for suspects to be in the store and hide. After the shop closed, the suspect took action.”

He shared that JRM caused damage to the store, including the ceiling. He said, “the perpetrator broke into the roof ceiling and left through the ceiling of the shop terrace. The suspect admitted that he was forced to steal because he had no money because he no longer worked. The stolen money is planned to be used for daily needs.”

Sukadi confirmed that JRM had been charged with Article 363 of the Criminal Code regarding theft with the threat of a sentence of 9 years in prison. He concluded, “The evidence that was secured was in the form of one bag used by the perpetrator to wrap stolen goods and money, a small crowbar, one white Marlboro [wholesale case], two bottles of stolen Coca-Cola drinks, and cash amounting to Rp. 35,380,000.”


This is not the first such kind of incident in a minimart in Bali. In September 2022, police confirmed to the media that they were called to two separate incidences of violent theft at minimarts in Denpasar. On Tuesday, 30th August, police were called to the scene of an armed robbery at a local supermarket.

On 1st September, a man suffering from a mental health episode was arrested after going on a ‘rampage’ welding a knife in a minimart. Both situations caused serious distress to local residents though both suspects were promptly arrested by local police.


In an unrelated incident this week, police in Ubud confirmed the arrest of another foreigner for causing public distress. Police Chief for Ubud, Police Commissioner I Gusti Ngurah Yudistira, confirmed the arrest of a Russian national who was found walking naked through the streets of Ubud. The man, known by his initials KB, was arrested on Monday, 27th February, on Jalan Raya Adong.

KB was not carrying any ID on him at the time of his arrest, nor was he able to communicate with police where he was staying or why he was in the position he was in.


Police have suggested that KB was experiencing an episode of ill mental health. Yudiastra told reporters, “From his behavior and speech, it seems that he is depressed. We have informed the consulate in Bali.” Police confirmed that KB has Benn transferred to the specialist mental health facility in Bangli for further assessment and treatment if appropriate.

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Friday 3rd of March 2023

Dam, I bet the sausages were cold by the time he got there, but he got a few health drinks, coca cola.


Thursday 2nd of March 2023

Perhaps he wasn't happy with the time the counter sales people took to serve him :D

I know because I was in there a few months ago!

Wayan Bo

Thursday 2nd of March 2023

Perhaps it was a French Robin Hood❗️❓


Friday 3rd of March 2023

@Wayan Bo, Hey Bro, Robin Hood stole and gave it all away. Time for another smoke.