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Four Regions In Bali Record Zero New Cases Of Covid

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The right kind of positive news about Covid is coming from Bali today. On Thursday 5th May, four districts, known as regencies in Bali, recorded zero positive cases of Covid-19. Across the whole island, only 13 positive cases were recorded and zero deaths. This comes as very welcome news for all who live in Bali and for international travelers keen to visit the Island of the Gods in the near future. 

The head of Bali’s Covid Task Force, I Made Rentin, announced yesterday that all regencies in Bali have been downgraded to low-risk status, coded as yellow zones. In all of Bali, there are 134 known active cases, 34 people in hospital, and 102 people who are lodged as being in self-isolation.

The total population of Bali is just over 4.3 million people in addition to tens of thousands of visitors at any given time. This low caseload is being attributed to considerable vaccine uptake and the need for travelers to show a negative PCR test on arrival or their vaccine certificate. 

I Dewa Gede Rai, the spokesperson for the Denpasar City Covid-19 Task Force said that transmission rates in the city were in a continual decline, though they have not yet reached zero. He asked that the public continue to act in accordance with government guidelines, priorities for sanitization, and other health protocols like mask-wearing. He urged that now is not the moment to slack off as doing so will surely result in an increase in cases across Denpasar city and Bali at large. 

Rai reminded people to keep an eye on the latest figures and the news regarding the changing in regulations and protocols. He said that the Omicron variant is still prevalent in Bali and virologists around the world are confident that new variants will continue to emerge in the coming months. 

Across all of Indonesia, there were 250 new cases recorded on Thursday 5th May, averaging 238 daily in the last seven days. Over the course of the pandemic, Indonesia has recorded just over 6 million cases. This figure is likely much higher since in the early days of the pandemic testing was not widely available. According to data published online, Indonesia has recorded 156,000 Covid-19 related deaths since the beginning of the outbreak. 

Overall this news of low caseloads will be very well received by those living in Bali and those looking to visit soon. Many prospective travelers have said that they are waiting for caseloads to fall to a minimum before they start their journeys. Authorities across Indonesia are working around the clock to find the balance between easing restrictions so that the economy, specifically the tourism sector, can bounce back, and ensuring that caseloads remain low. 

At present, Indonesian borders are open and the visa on arrival program is welcoming citizens from sixty countries into the country without the need for applying for a visa in advance. Unvaccinated, or single-dose vaccinated travelers must present a negative PCR test completed within 48-hours of their arrival in Indonesia. Double vaccinated travelers must present their Covid-19 vaccine certificates and a negative rapid antigen test taken 24-hours before departure.

In some cases, travelers are being asked to show proof of travel or health insurance documents on arrival. As has always been the case, travelers must be prepared to show proof of onward travel if asked by immigration officers. 

On the 2nd March 2020 Indonesian President Joko Widodo, often called Jokowi, announced the first two cases of Covid-19 in the country during a televised press statement. In comparison to many other parts of the world, Indonesia’s reaction to the development of the outbreak was rapid, announcing localized lockdowns as early as the third week of March. To date, 165,140,701 people in Indonesia have received two doses of the vaccine. 

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Monday 9th of May 2022

Meanwhile cases are rising again in the US due to a recent relaxed covid mandate restrictions. Omicron mutation has not disappeared therefore keep your mask on in a crowded place in Indonesia. Wearing a mask can still reduce the spread of covid-19. Be smart.


Monday 9th of May 2022

" to show a negative PCR test on arrival or their vaccine certificate. " it says in the article. This confuses me, I thought i had to bring a maximum 48hrs old pcr-test even with my 3 dozes? Now i also read that full vaccinated (min.2 dozes) must bring a rapid antigentest no older than 24 hrs? Michael


Tuesday 10th of May 2022

@Michael, it's for domestic travelers including expats who only have 2 doses of vaccines to get a rapid antigen test 1x 24.

PCR test results sample taken maximum 48 hrs prior to departure is still needed for incoming International travelers and a covid insurance. No test on arrival and no quarantine as long as you are fully vaccinated and you do not show symptoms upon arrival.

It's not rocket science you know..


Saturday 7th of May 2022

Meanwhile, some countries; example Norway currently having 50 times higher case load compared to Indonesia back to pre-covid conditions (from Feb-2022): - No covid-19 testing before or after arrival at border - No requirement covid-19 vaccine documents at border or domestically - No masking, no social distancing domestically To minimize risk for getting covid-19 is therefore a personal responsibility.


Saturday 7th of May 2022

Will the PCR before arrival be dropped soon like Thailand has done ?


Tuesday 10th of May 2022

@K, the covid insurance is the hottest topic in Thailand. Many are complaining that purchasing online may be a scam.

While covid insurance for entering Indonesia is of your own choice where you get it. It can be your medical insurance provider that includes coverage while you are traveling abroad. Ask your medical provider to write you a letter for coverage and I know that it has been done and accepted here.


Tuesday 10th of May 2022

@Michael, Don't Swedes earn more money than an average Joe Indonesian? Many Indonesians who earn well enough don't complain to pay for anything as long as they are satisfied with the product, restaurants, hotels or entertainment venues.

Tourists are still coming so don't you worry. Covid mandates are still in place to keep the country safe and weed out naughty tourists who do not wish to follow the rules. You snooze you lose.


Monday 9th of May 2022

@K, really hope so as well, this prevent tourist to come as it is very costly, around 90 euros/person from Sweden, we are 4 so with the Visa on arrival we pay approx 550 euros before even entering Bali...

Wayan Bo

Saturday 7th of May 2022

How is it looking with virus imports and how many persons was tested.