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European Backpackers Want To Return To Bali

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The Ambassador of Sweden for Indonesia, Timor Leste, and ASEAN, Marina Berg confirmed that many travelers from Europe have planned to visit Bali. Only time will tell if the current entry requirements prevent most from doing so.

“Many of potential international visitors from Europe, including Sweden are enthusiastic about returning to Bali and believe it’s safe to visit” Marina said on Thursday (18/11) in Kuta.


Additionally, Marina said that a relationship between Indonesia and Sweden has been established, as both countries have been promoting their tourism sectors to each other.

“We have several collaborations in our tourism and education sectors as a lot of Indonesian students study abroad to Sweden. According to information that I have received, a large number of Swedish want to visit the island especially backpackers,” Marina added.

Additionally, According to Marina, Bali has offered a safe environment for international visitors as the Covid-19 transmission on the island has been properly handled in the last several months with a positivity rate of only 5%.

Bali has prepared entry requirements such as Covid-19 testing, vaccine requirements, quarantine policy and the new Clean Health Safety Environment (CHSE) implementation as an effort to prevent Covid-19 transmission while reopening to international tourists.

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J West

Sunday 21st of November 2021

As G7 governments globally crack down on renewed Covid outbreaks and increase violence against Covid anti-vax rioters, someone suggests Bali open to backpackers with the highest exposure and the least money available to afford the best testing. This makes perfect sense….if your high.


Saturday 20th of November 2021

Indonesia's tourism policy is to upgrade the type of tourist who visit, hence the stricter requirement for entry (as what Indonesian has to go through anyway to visit European countries). So backpackers are not the targeted type of tourist. Especially considering what we witnessed the past months of the bad behaviour of backpackers stranded in Bali.

Laku Pepe Finlandia

Sunday 21st of November 2021

But to how many countries you have to pay 400$ to get a visa?

If their goal is to get tourists who spends 1-2 week holiday in some international all inclusive resort how that will help the local economy? Yes they will hire balinese people with some ridiculous salary but all the profit is going somewhere else. And the filthy rich are really going to Bali? Not in Dubai or other places where you can flexing more easily with your $$$?

And is bagpacker a synonym for broke hippie? I think there is also bagpackers with a decent income who just want to travel around Bali, eat in the warungs and local restaurants, sleep 1-3 nights in small locally owned hotels/hostels and the next day move to another part of the island. Not to enjoy just Kuta. I really hope they are not trying to change the whole Bali to some Bule Monaco like Canggu is.

And those bule people who doesn’t obey the local rules should be exported and banned for entry. Just dont make every tourist pay for that.


Saturday 20th of November 2021

Travelers need to know about the foreign bought cell phone regulations when entering Indonesia. This is a turn off for foreigners entering.

Maureen Muntz

Saturday 20th of November 2021

Oh and its 400 us for visa, maybe more what a joke dont sapport this rubbish

Maureen Muntz

Saturday 20th of November 2021

Ok this is what you need to get into bali, 10,000 in your bank, and 100,thousand for insurance, 150 us doller,s for pcr test ,and you need three, then your qarantine hotel, transport to it, and take what ever food your given??? You must provide proof and payment for hotel you are staying at, that,s if you pass pcr test ??? You must go through an agent to get visa in bali, i spoke to two famaly,s and fifteen other,s who seid there visa was regected, thay were not given a reason why, and lost there money, be carefull, a lot of scam,s this goverment is corrupt, and if you get through all this crap, you may just catch covid . So do you still want to go to bali good luck with that


Wednesday 24th of November 2021

@Maureen Muntz, The corrupted country you accused them off have controlled the Covid-19 situation. Most Indonesian citizens are vaccinated for free. Indonesian tax payers at work. Meanwhile the US CDC has put Indonesia on level 1 as low risk country while most of EU is on level 4 high risk and Australia on level 3 high cases of Covid.

If you do not follow the Indonesian visa application regulation as per the govt website then your visa can get rejected. It is not their fault it is the applicant's fault for not following clearly what need to be submitted.


Wednesday 24th of November 2021

@Maureen Muntz, if Indonesia was so corrupt as you deliberately accused them off then how come the sovereign country can actually control the covid situation. Make the population get vaccinated for free. Indonesian tax payers at work. And US CDC has put Indonesia on level 1 low risk while some countries in the EU is on CDC level 4 Do not travel. And Australia on level 3 high level covid cases. The corrupted county you accused of has done something right. If you do not follow the requirement in a visa ap


Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

@Maureen Muntz, what do you expect when you and others inquire with local agents in Bali. There is a government website you can go through. If you cut into the chase you get exactly what you deserve. Don't blame it on government corruption as an easy way out to pat yourself on the back for your mishap.

Use approved agents rather than by some fly by night agents. However those requirements you mentioned are rather dubious. Friends who left to Indonesia from the States did not go through the same BS.