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Educational Tourism Set To Boom In Bali In 2024

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For anyone interested in travel trends, Bali is one of the top global destinations to watch.

The Island of the Gods is always ahead of the curve when it comes to emerging travel trends, and 2024 is set to be no exception. 

SGV Secret Garden Village Sign in Bali.jpg

Travel experts are predicting that educational tourism will be a big trend in 2024. As the island shifts towards promoting more sustainable and high-quality tourism, educational experiences will be in higher demand.

Educational tourism may at first bring up ideas of being rather dry museum tours or guided walks around historical sites, but in reality, educational tourism in Bali is engaging and highly experiential.

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Educational tourism is inherently linked to cultural tourism, which is another big focus point for tourism leaders in 2024.

Moving on from last year’s rise in tourists behaving badly, Bali was to promote more culturally respectful tourism to both domestic and international tourists to showcase the artistic, cultural, and spiritual wonders of the island. 

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One destination that will be promoting educational tourism experiences in 2024 is Secret Garden Village in Baturiti, Tabanan Regency.

The center is on a mission to become the most extensive educational tourism destination in Indonesia.

Secret by name and secret by nature, for now, the Secret Garden Village is a little-known attraction to international tourists.

According to Kho Purwanto, the Operations Manager, 70% of visitors are domestic tourists, hailing mostly from Jakarta and Surabaya. Top international tourists visit from the Middle East, India, and Australia. 

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One of the top attractions at Secret Garden Village is the Beauty Heritage Museum. This unique concept sees tourists take a deep dive into the medicinal plants used in traditional Indonesian cosmetics and wellness products.

Guests learn about the process of growing everything from rice to lemongrass, roses, and indigenous medicinal herbs.

They are shown why these plants have such medicinal value and how Indonesian people have used them for centuries. 

Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Visitors can then explore the beauty product production facility.

Guests don a lab coat and are shown how these traditional ingredients are now used at scale to create some of Bali’s top cosmetic products, and of course, the full range is available to purchase at the end of the tour.

However, it is not only botany, heritage, and wellness that visitors get to explore at Secret Garden Village. 

There is also an in-house coffee roaster and coffee museum. Guests are guided through the full coffee bean journey from plantation to cup.

Tourists are introduced to the farming and cultivation process, how coffee roasting works, the benefits of robusta vs arabica and vice versa, as well as being able to sample a wide range of coffees for themselves. 


Secret Garden Village offers tourists not only an incredible opportunity to learn about a unique and significant part of Indonesian culture in both historical and present-day contexts but is also a beautiful destination in its own right.

The whole center is modern and earthy in its design and is set amongst the lush green rice paddies of Tabanan.

The center is located just an hour’s drive from Bali Airport and 30 minutes from the heart of Ubud.

While some tourists spend a whole day visiting Secret Garden Village, a visit makes for a great stop off on a bigger day trip to also explore the Bedugul Botanical Garden and Ulun Danu Temple at Beratan Lake.


Educational tourism will take many shapes and forms in Bali in 2024.

Secret Garden Village is ideal for tourists looking to get a little off the beaten track and learn about Indonesian culture and history through the lens of the land and livelihoods, food, and wellness.

For tourists wishing to take a deep dive into the core of the culture, a visit to attractions like Dukuh Penaban Lontar Library Museum and the Samsara Living Museum in Karangasem Regency is a great starting point.

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J West

Thursday 11th of January 2024

Classes on ‘what not to do to screw up a once beautiful place and turn it into a crime ridden disease infested garbage can’ will be popular.


Thursday 11th of January 2024

This inforal for secret garden is of low interest. Why not write about another huge price hike coming: Tax will increase from 15% to 40% for all legitimate spa treatments in Bali!

Again a wake up call for foreign investors: You invest time and money in Bali and then suddenly greedy official come along and wreck the whole business plan.