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Driver Killed In Accident After Tree Falls On Car in Bali

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A fallen tree has killed a minibus driver on Wednesday morning (Sept 9th 2020) 05.00 LT.

The front side of the vehicle was crushed where the driver was located.

Search and Rescue team (Basarnas) in the Denpasar office got the report an hour after the incident around 05.55 LT and  immiadiately sent an evacuation team.

car accident tree

The victim has been identified as Made Oka (30), from Sumber Kima, Buleleng. The evacuation was difficult because the victim was stuck in a complicated position with the tree pinning the entire front side of the car. The tree had to be cut in several pieces to free the victim.

The evacuation process took about 45 minutes, and the victim was finally extracted from the vehicle at 07.05 LT and sent to Puskesmas I, Gerokgak medical center.

It was unclear what caused the tree to fall at this time.

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